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Missouri – ‘Cops Gone Wild’, again

Via: Raw Story


A Missouri police officer is accused of taking two underage women to his house, supplying alcohol, and raping one of them.

Livingston County sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday arrested 40-year-old Brent Schade, a Chillicothe police officer, on suspicion of rape, sodomy, and supplying alcohol to a minor.

Officers also arrest 20-year-old Amanda Gault in connection with the case.

Another 20-year-old woman told deputies she went earlier this week with Gault to Schade’s home, where they played drinking games.

The couple then forced her into a bedroom, according to investigators, where she was sexually assaulted.



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The Modern Day American ‘Debtor’s Prison’

Via: Huffington Post


Virginia Dickerson says she’s devoted the last three years to recovering from the drug problems that entangled her in the criminal justice system throughout her teens and 20s.

Now in her mid-30s, she’s been out of prison for more than a year, working 30 hours a week as a cook and server at a restaurant in Richland, Wash. She says she’s also looking for a full-time job, and volunteering for two organizations that help people overcome addictions and a third that provides arts programs to teens.

Still, if she fails to pay off the $8,000 in fines that she still owes county courts in southern Washington as a result of her arrests several years ago, she could end up right back in jail. District and Superior courts in Benton County ordered her to pay a total of $130 a month toward fines and fees stemming from two drug arrests in 2010 and 2011, one for possession of methamphetamines and the other for delivery. Dickerson was fined about $6,000 for her two drug charges, but has accrued about $2,000 in interest.

“I’ve done my time, and I’m doing anything in my power to clean up the wreckage of my past,” Dickerson said. “But I can’t pay the amount they want me to pay.”


In Benton County, the problem is particularly severe; about 20 PERCENT of the jail population is there because of unpaid legal charges. The county’s District Court fines people for misdemeanors like driving without a license, and the Superior Court orders defendants who are convicted of violent crimes and property offenses to pay restitution to their victims. In both courts, defendants are often ordered to pay for the cost of their trials.


Under the U.S. Constitution, Americans can’t be jailed for failing to pay their debts when the reason for their failure to pay is poverty. But in Washington and other states, county governments get around that by insisting poor defendants could find a way to pay if they simply tried hard enough. “You hear judges say, ‘Oh, you have a tattoo, you can pay,’” said Vanessa Hernandez, a co-author of the report. “Or, ‘Why don’t you just mow some lawns?’ There’s not a specific enough standard for whether they have the ability to pay.”



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Trey Radel (R-FL) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Huffington Post


A Florida congressman has been charged with misdemeanor drug (COCAINE) possession in Washington.

District of Columbia court records show charges against Congressman Henry “Trey” Radel were filed Tuesday.

The 37-year-old Radel, a Republican, was elected in 2012. Telephone and e-mail messages left with Radel’s spokeswoman, Amanda Nunez, were not immediately returned Tuesday afternoon.

Radel is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday morning.



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Pattaya – American suspected of shoplifting Goat Cheese (See Photo) from Supermarket


Via: Pattaya One

An American National, born in the Czech Republic, was arrested for the second time during his reported 15 year stay in Thailand, late on Tuesday Night, accused of stealing a 210 Baht packet of Goat Cheese from a North Pattaya Supermarket.

Police were called to the Best Supermarket by its owner, Khun Siriporn aged 65, after security guards had detained Mr. Frank Joseph Janalik aged 74 after he was seen by the guards attempting to leave with the Goat Cheese without making any effort to pay for the item. Security Camera footage of the alleged theft was also given to Police.

Khun Siriporn claimed Mr. Janalik had been coming to the Supermarket for a long time and she suspected he had been shoplifting on many occasions but he had yet to be caught-in-the-act. On this occasion she spotted the man and ordered her Security Guards to follow him.

At Pattaya Police Station Mr. Janalik claimed he has lived in Pattaya for 15 years. Police records indicated he had been arrested in February 2008 on charges of selling sex enhanc ement medication (that’s right, goat cheese + Viagra).

Mr. Janalik denied allegations of theft but was charged with the offence and was taken to the holding cells on the second floor of Pattaya Police Station.

He suddenly became combative and refused to enter the prison cell block. It took a number of officers to subdue the suspect and take him into the cells where he will be held pending further investigations.




personal thought:

If you don’t have enough money (210baht = $6.56USD) to buy goat cheese; do us all a favor, and stay the f*ck home!


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Thailand – Former US Navy Commander recieved bribes, including prostitutes, . . .


Via: Coconuts – Bangkok

The former commander of a US Navy warship has reportedly been relieved of duty for, amongst other offenses, accepting bribes in the form of prostitutes, luxury travel, and Lady Gaga tickets while on port visits to Thailand in 2011 and 2012.

Cmdr. Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz is currently being investigated for bribery involving millions of dollars worth of US government contracts. Misiewicz “used his position to direct warships to ports with lax oversight where GDMA (a Singaporean port services company) was able to overcharge for food, water, fuel and services like waste removal, security and ground transportation,” Time reported.

Misiewicz, interestingly enough, was born in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime, fled to the US, and was adopted and raised by an American woman in the Midwest.

Overcharges amounted to USD2.3 million in port visits to Thailand with the USS Blue Ridge in 2011 and 2012, according to court records.

In exchange for signing off on the inflated charges, Misiewicz was allegedly plied with prostitutes, luxury travel, and tickets to the Lady Gaga concert at Rajamangala in May 2012.

GDMA, which facilitated the deals, called one group of prostitutes in Thailand his “Elite Thai Seal Team.”



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FLORIDA – Man gives Deltona cashier envelope with cocaine


Message to Deltona residents: It’s not OK to pay your water bill with cocaine. (really?)

Employees at the Deltona Water office on Enterprise Road were evacuated this morning, Sept. 23, after a customer handed a cashier an envelope with a white powder in it.

At 9:56 a.m., the water-department employees called the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office to check out the suspicious substance.

The employees were evacuated from the building. The Sheriff’s Office and HAZMAT teams from both Volusia County Fire Services and the Deltona Fire Department responded.

The powder was tested.

“Interestingly enough, it was crack cocaine,” Volusia County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brandon Haught said.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate. (investigate ‘what’, I wonder)



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FLORIDA – samurai sword wielding man lost it over missing can of shrimp


Via: Orlando Sentinel

A Samurai sword-wielding, knife-throwing Volusia County man attacked his mother’s boyfriend over a missing can of shrimp Saturday morning, an arrest report said.

Jayson Laughman, 34, of Deltona used a sword to break down a door and threw kitchen knives at family members after his mother’s boyfriend accused him of taking a can of shrimp, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Laughman told deputies he didn’t remember everything that happened during the fight because he “went into CODE RED and lost his temper,” the report said

Michael Airhead, 52, and Laughman had a “heated verbal argument” before agreeing to go outside and “engage in a physical fight” at the home they share located in the 700 block of North Firewood Drive at 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

Laughman threatened Airhead with a statue, but the fight outside did not escalate past that, according to the report.

Thinking the fight was over, Airhead returned to his bedroom with Laughman’s mother.

The couple was watching television when Laughman started breaking through the bedroom door with a Samurai style metal sword, the report said.

Once inside the bedroom, Laughman made threats that he would use the sword to hurt Airhart, deputies say.

The couple was able to calm Laughman down and he left the room, but returned almost immediately and started throwing two kitchen knives at Airhead, deputies said.


Two Questions:

1. What happened to the can of shirmp?

2. Where’s Bugs? We need him here, now!


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Tacoma, WA – police-seek-man-wearing-flowery-dress who robbed bank


Via: Nothing to do with Arbroath

Police in Tacoma are looking for a man who robbed a bank last week wearing a flowery dress. They have released a surveillance photo, hoping somebody might recognize him.

The hold-up happened at about 4pm on Wednesday. The man walked into a Key Bank branch and handed a teller a note demanding cash. He then left the bank with an undisclosed amount of money.

No one was injured. The robber is a white man in his 40s, 6-foot-3 and 190 pounds.

He was wearing a light brown wig, tan makeup, large sunglasses, a white long-sleeved shirt and a long dark blue sleeveless flowery dress. (heels? don’t know)

Anyone with tips is asked to call Tacoma-Pierce County Crime Stoppers. There is a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.


Pope Francis, “Who am I to judge?”

Well, okay I guess, but . . .


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BREAKING NEWS – Everyone In Whitey Bulger Trial Found Dead In Woods Outside Dorchester


Via: “America’s Finest News Source”

DORCHESTER, MA—The ongoing trial of notorious Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger on 19 murder-related charges took another pivotal turn today as Massachusetts authorities discovered the bodies of every single person involved in the trial in a wooded area outside Dorchester, law enforcement officials announced this afternoon.

“At approximately 9:30 a.m. this morning, police identified the bodies of 347 people in a wooded area near Columbia Road, including one District Court judge, five prosecuting attorneys, 18 jurors, 32 potential witnesses, and dozens of gallery spectators.”


Read more, HERE:



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FLORIDA – Trail left by stolen trailer lead deputies to thief


Via: Sun Sentinel

To find a stolen trailer and the man who took it, all deputies had to do was follow the trail.

The trailer had NO TIRES when a thief hauled it away from a Loxahatchee Groves house, so its RIMS left markings on the road – part of which is dirt. The markings led deputies three miles away, straight to a driveway where the trailer was parked.

Angel Cruz Rosell, 51, was arrested after investigation revealed that was his driveway and he was the one who drove off with it, according to his arrest report.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies began investigating around 8 p.m. Tuesday when a man said he saw someone driving a blue Chevy pickup truck take the trailer from his neighbor’s property on the 3800 block of 161st Trail North.

The trailer contained a concrete pump and mixer. In all, the stolen items were valued at about $13,000, the owner said. He said he did not give anyone permission to take his belongings and the gate to his property was locked when they disappeared.



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