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Gingrich – views on Libya (pick a day)

March 7, 2011 – Fox News

“Exercise a no-fly zone this evening. … We don’t need to have the United Nations. All we have to say is that we think that slaughtering your own citizens is unacceptable and that we’re intervening.”


March 23, 2011 Today Show

“The standard [Obama] has fallen back to of humanitarian intervention could apply to Sudan, to North Korea, to Zimbabwe, to Syria this week, to Yemen, to Bahrain. … The Arab League wanted us to do something. The minute we did something, the Arab League began criticizing us doing it. I think that two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is a lot. I think that the problems we have in Pakistan, Egypt — go around the region. We could get engaged by this standard in all sorts of places. I would not have intervened. I think there were a lot of other ways to affect Gaddafi. I think there are a lot of other allies in the region we could have worked with. I would not have used American and European forces.”


I can’t help but laugh everytime I hear/read ‘the Newt’ is considered the ‘intellectural heavyweight’ of the party; but then considering the other clowns,  . . .


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Gaffney – UN Intervention Into Libya an Ominous Precedent For Israel

There are many reasons to be worried about the bridge-leap the Obama Administration has just undertaken in its war with Muammar Gaddafi. How it will all end is just one of them.

Particularly concerning is the prospect that what we might call the Gaddafi Precedent will be used in the not-too-distant future to justify and threaten the use of U.S. military forces against an American ally: ISRAEL.




Palin – She had lunch in New Delhi on Saturday and dinner in Jerusalem on Monday. And on Wednesday, she was in Naples …


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Facebook – hey kids, could be worse

Are kids slipping through the cracks in Facebook’s just-ask age screening approach?

The social networking site kicks off around 20,000 underage users per day, its chief privacy adviser, Mozelle Thompson, told Australia’s parliament this week.

He admitted that the site’s way of weeding out those who don’t meet the 13-and-up age requirement — essentially a user-entry honor system — is “not perfect,” because there’s no mechanism for detecting kids who simply enter a false age.

“There are people who lie. There are people who are under 13,” Thompson said.


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