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U.S. ending it’s Air Combat Role in Libya

Via: ROBERT BURNS, AP National Security Writer

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is about to pull its attack planes out of the international air campaign in Libya, hoping NATO partners can take up the slack.

The announcement Thursday drew incredulous reactions from some in Congress who wondered aloud why the Obama administration would bow out of a key element of the strategy for protecting Libyan civilians and crippling Moammar Gadhafi’s army.

“Odd,” “troubling” and “unnerving” were among critical comments by senators pressing for an explanation of the announcement by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs chairman Adm. Mike Mullen that American combat missions will end Saturday.

Your timing is exquisite,” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said SARCASTICALLY, alluding to Gadhafi’s military advances this week.



NATO – 28 member nations

I mean hell, Let THEM do it!


And then, you got the pussies in the Arab League, Let THEM do it!



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  1. (Townhall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire, 01/03/08)

    Q: President Bush has talked about our staying in Iraq for 50 years — (cut off by McCain)

    McCain: MAKE IT a HUNDRED.

    Comment by seattle99 | April 1, 2011 | Reply

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