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Governor Jan Brewer vetos ‘birther’ bill

Via: Arizona Republic

Gov. Jan Brewer  on Wednesday shot down an effort by the Arizona Legislature to require  presidential candidates to provide proof of citizenship in order to get on the  state’s ballot.

In her veto letter, Brewer said House  Bill 2177 “creates significant new problems while failing to do anything  constructive for Arizona.”

The House and Senate could override the governor’s veto with a two-thirds  majority vote in each chamber, but on Monday, such a move appeared unlikely.

House Speaker Kirk Adams (see photo) shook his head wearily when asked Monday evening if  lawmakers would attempt to override the veto. “No,” he said. He added that  legislative researchers found that the last time a governor’s veto was  overridden was 50 years ago.


HB 2177 would have required the candidates’ national political party to  provide documents validating that information, preferably with a long-form birth  certificate. That generally means a detailed birth certificate with extensive  birth-related information, such as date and time of birth, the doctor’s  signature, the hospital and parents’ names and birthplaces of the parents.

If that document was not available, the candidate would have had to provide  at least two of the following: an early baptismal or circumcision certificate (photo?),  hospital birth record, postpartum medical record signed by the person who  delivered the child or an early census record.


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