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the Royal Wedding

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Fox News – ‘Manufactured Nonsense: a Case Study’

1929 – White House Easter Egg Roll


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It’s always impressive to see the evolution of a “controversy,” from Republican media on up.

Fox News today slammed President Obama for not issuing a proclamation acknowledging Easter. (Somehow, Christians managed to hear about the holiday anyway.)

Conservative activists quickly followed suit, probably unaware of the fact that Bush and Reagan didn’t issue Easter proclamations, either.



President Obama – White House Easter Prayer Breakfast

“I wanted to host this breakfast for a simple reason — because as busy as we are, as many tasks as pile up, during this season, we are reminded that there’s something about the resurrection — something about the resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ, that puts everything else in perspective.

“We all live in the hustle and bustle of our work… But then comes Holy Week. The triumph of Palm Sunday. The humility of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. His slow march up that hill, and the pain and the scorn and the shame of the cross. And we’re reminded that in that moment, he took on the sins of the world — past, present and future — and he extended to us that unfathomable gift of grace and salvation through his death and resurrection.

“In the words of the book Isaiah: “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”

“This magnificent grace, this expansive grace, this ‘Amazing Grace’ calls me to reflect. And it calls me to pray. It calls me to ask God for forgiveness for the times that I’ve not shown grace to others, those times that I’ve fallen short. It calls me to praise God for the gift of our son – his Son and our Savior.”


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What Would Happen if Gay Marriage is Legalized?

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Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY) – ‘GOP – Moron of the Day’



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At a town hall meeting last week, Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY) faced the ire of constituents who are upset about this tax dodging by some of our nation’s biggest corporations.

GIBSON: I think there’s a rational way to go forward that we’re going to be able to bring closure to this issue. I tell you there is one thing that you’re saying that’s true. there are people in our country that are not paying taxes because they’re illegal. And that’s gotta be addressed[…]

AUDIENCE MEMBER: You mean like GE?! [some laughter and light applause from audience.

GIBSON: Well, GE needs to pay their fair share, too. No, I support that, too.


“I support that, too” – yeah, right!


Via: USA Today –  ‘Many illegal Immigrants Pay Up at Tax Time’ 4/11/08

NASHVILLE — The tax system collects its due, even from a class of workers with little likelihood of claiming a refund and no hope of drawing a Social Security check.

Illegal immigrants are paying taxes to Uncle Sam, experts agree. Just how much they pay is hard to determine because the federal government doesn’t fully tally it. But the latest figures available indicate it will amount to billions of dollars in federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes this year. One rough estimate puts the amount of SOCIAL SEURITY TAXES alone at around $9 BILLION per year.

Paycheck withholding collects much of the federal tax from illegal workers, just as it does for legal workers.


Ford, of Middle Tennessee State University, said a majority of economists agree that illegal immigrants are a net benefit for the U.S. economy.

He said the tax contributions from illegal immigrants, including sales taxes, property taxes and excise taxes (such as the gas tax), are significant.

He calculates that illegal immigrants contributed $428 billion dollars to the nation’s $13.6 trillion gross domestic product in 2006. That number assumes illegal immigrants are 30% less productive than other workers.

“If anything we need more immigrants coming into the country, not less, especially with the baby boomers retiring,” he said.



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