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Alan ‘the Right Stuff’ Shepard Jr.

Via: The Washington Post


Fifty years ago, the United States took its first major leap forward in the space race when Alan Shepard launched into a 15-0minute suborbital flight. Life.com has a gallery of images of Shepard and his flight here:



On May 6, 1961, this story ran in The Washington Post:

Millions gathered around radios and TV sets in their homes, at bars and restaurants and on street corners for the countdown and, finally, the blastoff that sent the 37-year-old Navy commander aloft.

Newspapers and broadcast stations were flooded with calls.

“It’s fabulous,” said Josephine Marino, a New York beautician. “I feel like celebrating. We’re really on our way — in fact we’ve caught up with and passed the Russians, to my way of thinking.”

“I think it’s the greatest thing that ever happened,” Los Angeles maintenance man Willis Reed said. “It won’t be long now ’til we can go to the moon.”



“The Right Stuff” by Tom Wolfe:



“The Rght Stuff” trailer:



“The Right Stuff” – Listen To A Movie:

http://listentoamovie.com/listen.php?title=The Right Stuff (1983)&file=/media/./1. Movies/T/The%20Right%20Stuff%20%281983%29.mp3


personal story:

We were living on the West Coast at the time, so my Dad got me up at 4am to watch the launch of ‘Freedom 7’.

There were delay, after delay, after delay, and it finally lifted off (blasted off!) at 6:34am (PST).

As a 13-year-old, I watched in awe as Walter Cronkite give his play-by-play, and I thought of it at the time, as ‘one of the greatest things I had ever seen’.

In fact, I STILL think of it as, ‘one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen’!


Alan B. Shepard Jr. – wikipedia



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