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Lewis Hine: – Image Gallery

Via: Shorpy.com “Always Something Interesting”


December 1910.

“Shorpy Higginbotham, a ‘greaser’ on the tipple at Bessie Mine, of the Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Co. in Alabama. Said he was 14 years old, but it is doubtful. Carries two heavy pails of grease, and is often in danger of being run over by the coal cars.”

Photograph and caption by Lewis Wickes Hine.



Lewis Hine – wikipedia



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Romans gripped by fear of quake forecast for May 11

Via: Reuters

If tourists find Rome unusually quiet next Wednesday, the reason will probably be that thousands of locals have left town in fear of a devastating earthquake allegedly forecast for that day by a long-dead seismologist.

For months Italian internet sites, blogs and social networks have been debating the work of Raffaele Bendandi, who claimed to have forecast numerous earthquakes and, according to internet rumors, predicted a “big one” in Rome on May 11.

The national television network RAI has run programs aimed at calming rising panic among Romans. The civil protection agency has issued statements reiterating the official scientific view that earthquakes can’t be predicted.



Silvio: Avete sentito l’spostare eart, il mio piccolo cuore ladro?

Ruby: ???


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Hell, why not a gazillion dollars?

via: Huffington Post

The top Republican in Congress wants trillions of dollars in spending cuts as part of must-pass legislation allowing the federal government to continue borrowing to keep it operating and meeting obligations to investors. It’s a new, ambitious marker in a battle over the budget that’s expected to consume Congress for much of the summer.


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says a failure to increase the federal government’s ability to borrow would have disastrous effects on the economy.



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Naked woman creates ruckus on Delta flight

Via: USA Today

Passengers on a Delta flight likely got more than they bargained for Saturday night after an “emotionally disturbed” woman stripped naked and created a ruckus on their Chicago-to-New York journey.

The Associated Press writes “the incident happened Saturday night as Delta Flight 6562 began its descent into Kennedy Airport,” adding that a “Newsday news manager who was on the flight said flight attendants tried to cover the woman with a blanket while she yelled ‘No! No! No!’ “


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Before & After: White House Situation Room





Via: Washigton Post

Jewish newspaper edits Hillary Clinton out of ‘Situation Room’ photo

” . . . Because of laws of modesty, we are not allowed to publish pictures of women, and we regret if this gives an impression of disparaging to women, which is certainly never our intention. We apologize if this was seen as offensive.”


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Alan Simpson vs AARP; AARP vs Alan Simpson

Via: Huffington Post

At the ICI event on Friday, Simpson called the members of AARP “38 million people bound together by love of airline discounts” and derided the group as concerned only about its own profit. He called AARP Magazine a “marketing instrument.”

“Are these people patriots or marketers? That’s a harsh statement, and I intend it to be,” he added.

“They’re 1.5 percent of every mailing in the United States. One-and-a-half percent!” he griped, thrusting his fist into the air and gesturing toward AARP. “Gah! Jeez!”


“We respectfully disagree with Senator Simpson’s comments about the purpose and mission of our organization,” Mary Liz Burns, an AARP spokeswoman, told HuffPost.

“For over 50 years, AARP has been fighting to protect the hard-earned benefits that Social Security and Medicare provide for millions of Americans today, and we will continue our work to strengthen these critical programs for our children and grandchildren,” she said.



Unbeknownst to Mary Liz the microphone was still on when she was heard to mumble, “Fuck You, Old Man!”

Gah! Jeez!


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Busses – the new WMD?


A man apparently drunk slammed his bus at vehicles at a Bangkok traffic light Friday evenng, killing one woman and two other people, police said.



New York City:

The tour bus driver charged with DWI after fatally hitting and dragging a pedestrian for blocks in Hell’s Kitchen reportedly had a 1.75 liter jug of vodka on the bus with him. And the Post adds that he had a “silver travel mug nearly-emptied of vodka” and the Daily News that Steve Drappel, 57, a Florida resident, initially blew a 0.14 on a breath test.



Wauseon, Ohio

The Wauseon Exempted Village School District continues to answer questions about a bus driver who police say was drunk on the job.



Bloomfied, New Jersey

A bus driver entrusted to transport autistic children to a special needs school has been arrested for drunk driving.

The bus driver ran a red light in the busy intersection, and sheriff’s officers say she had half empty can of beer in her lap.


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‘Driving Miss Trump’

“I am the least racist person there is.” – Trump





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Cheney undecided on heart transplant surgery

Via: AP and Tengrain (Mock, Paper, Scissors)

WASHINGTON – Former Vice President Dick Cheney says he hasn’t decided whether to seek a heart transplant.

Cheney tells “Fox News Sunday” that his health has improved since last year, when he was diagnosed with end-stage heart failure. He had an operation last summer to fit his body with a battery-powered device that helps his heart pump blood.

In his Fox appearance, Cheney spoke with a raspy voice and appeared less gaunt than he had in the months following the operation.

Cheney says he’s working on a book and planning a fishing trip later in May.

Asked how he could go fishing safely with an electrical device attached to his body, the 70-year-old former vice president quipped, “You’re not supposed to fall in.”




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Bahrain, is bulldozing Shite mosques

Via: McClatchy

MANAMA, Bahrain — In the ancient Bahraini village of Aali, where some graves  date to 2000 B.C., the Amir Mohammed Braighi mosque had stood for more than 400  years — one of the handsomest Shiite Muslim mosques in this small island nation  in the Persian Gulf.

Today, only bulldozer tracks remain.

In Nwaidrat, where anti-government protests began Feb. 14, the Mo’men mosque  had long been a center for the town’s Shiite population — photos show it as a  handsome, square building neatly painted in ochre, with white and green trim,  and a short portico in dark gray forming the main entrance.

Today, only the portico remains.


Nothing, however, has struck harder at the fabric of this nation, where  Shiites outnumber Sunnis nearly 4 to 1 (80% Shi’a), than the destruction of Shiite worship  centers.

The Obama administration has said nothing in public about the destruction.

Bahrain — and its patron, Saudi Arabia — are longtime U.S. allies, and  Bahrain hosts the headquarters of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet.


Bahrain’s minister of justice and Islamic affairs, Sheikh Khalid bin Ali bin  Abdulla al Khalifa, defended the demolitions in an interview, claiming that any  mosque demolished had been built illegally, recently, and without  permission.

“These are not mosques. These are illegal buildings,” he said.



Saudi Arabia – 10-15% Shi’a, mainly in the oil rich, Eastern Province

U.A.E. – 15% Shi’a

Iraq – 65% Shi’a, 35% Sunni

Iran – 90-95% Shi’a

(Nothern Ireland – 40% Catholic, 60% not)


personal thought:

If you think you are paying high gas prices now:

you might end up paying a lot more; and sooner, rather than later.


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