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Gingrich – Mamma f’n Mia!

Via: Philadelphia Inquirer

Some idiot had forgotten to mute his cellphone. Right in the middle of Newt Gingrich’s speech, it trilled the chorus of Abba’sDancing Queen.” People in the Olde Main Brewery in Ames, Iowa, craned their necks to see who had breached decorum.

Muttering (mutter, mutter, mutter), Gingrich pulled the phone from his pocket and sheepishly switched it off. He’d been trying to connect, but the interruption knocked him off his stride.

Another misstep in the brutal, can’t-look-away car wreck that was the first week of his presidential campaign.


Afterward, Gingrich FELT the NEED to tell reporters why he adored Mamma Mia!

When they do ‘Dancing Queen’ in the movie . . . I love that sequence,” he said, “the energy and the excitement.”


“It’s going to take a while for the news media to realize that you’re covering something that happens once or twice a century, a genuine grassroots CAMPAIGN of VERY BIG IDEAS,” Gingrich said. “I expect it to TAKE a WHILE for it to sink in.”

He said that in the Iowa city of Waterloo. Insert joke here.




By the way; according to Gringrich’s spokesman, Rick ‘literati’ Tyler; “people are turning out in BIG NUMBERS”:

How big, you ask?

Ames: – 160; which of course included: “Frida”, Bjorn, Benny, and Agnetha.

Waterloo – 110




Instead of Abba’s:

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen.

He should switch to Willie’s:

Turn out the lights
The party’s over
They say that
All good things must end
Call it tonight
The party’s over
And tomorrow starts
The same old thing again
But the crazy crazy party 


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