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Many Republicans NOT impressed with 2012 field

Via: Washington Post


Nearly four in ten Republicans and those who lean toward Republicans said they were unhappy with their current choices in the presidential field, according to a new Washington Post/Pew Research Center poll, data that will fuel speculation about possible late entrants into the race.

Asked to choose a single word to describe the Republican slate of candidates, fully 37 percent of self identified Republicans and Republican leaners chose a word with a negative connotation — with “not impressed/unimpressed” the most commonly mentioned phrase.

Among all respondents, 44 percent offered a negative one-word assessment of the Republican field including, not suprisingly, 52 percent of Democrats.

More potentially problematic for Republicans hoping to unseat President Obama next November was the fact that 48 percent of INDEPENDENTS described the GOP candidates negatively while just 10 percent offered a positive one-word description.



personal thought:

I think the GOP primaries/caucauses/debates will be very ‘nasty’ this go around.

I also think the teabaggers will be unhappy with the GOP choice, and will field their own candidate; which will lead to the eventual nominee being, ‘up shit-creek, …”

I least, I can hope so, right?


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