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Pawlenty Campaign Lowers Straw Poll Expectations to Rock Bottom

Via: Atlantic Wire

We speculated yesterday that former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty could be the first of the 2012 White House hopefuls to abandon his candidacy, now that the campaign’s halycon early days have given way to riding around Ames, Iowa in an RV, trying to get his name out there in a state where he’s already spent $437,000 advertising.

In a new National Review article posted today, Pawlenty spokesman Alex Conant didn’t do much to alleviate our sinking feeling when asked about the campaign’s goals heading into August’s pivotal Ames Straw Poll. Said Conant, “We want to show progress (?) in Ames, [do] better than sixth or seventh.”

He was probably just trying to manage expectations, but sixth or seventh? Say fourth. Or fifth!

Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman aren’t even going to be there.

Pawlenty may not be able to beat Michele Bachmann, but surely he can out-perform Rick Santorum and the mere suggestion of Rick Perry.



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ABC News Poll – Debt Reduction Most Popular Options

It might be a little blurry, so . . .

59% – Raise taxes on oil/gas companies

61% – Raise Medicare premiums for WEALTHY

64% – Raise taxes on headge fund managers

66% – Increase SS tax on $107,000+ incomes

72% – Raise taxes on $250,000+ incomes

I think it’s a very interesting, and well written article, and I would think you would want to . . .

read the rest, HERE:



personal thought:

I believe the goal should be to ‘Balancing the Budget’ every year (like Clinton did), and less emphasis placed on ‘Eliminating the Deficit’, which has taken decades to build up.

I think we should impose BOTH cuts, and SOME of the Revunue Generators, as outlined above.

The next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, we do the same on BOTH SIDES of the ledger, and someday; VOILA! the deficit will be greatly reduced.


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Nearly 10 Years Ago Today, The U.S. Began Borrowing Billions To Pay For The Bush Tax Cuts

Via: Think Progress

As debates about deficit reduction continued to be heavily tilted toward cutting spending, which threatens to undermine a fragile
recovery, rather than raising revenue from those who can afford it, it’s important to remember the budgetary impact of the Bush tax cuts.

Nearly 10 years ago today, on August 1, 2001, the Associated Press reported that the Treasury Department was tapping $51 BILLION of credit in order to pay for the budgetary cost of the FIRST ROUND of Bush tax cuts’ rebate checks.

The AP reported at the time that Democratic Party opponents of the tax cuts worried that they’d return government budgets to “red ink“:

The opponents of the tax cut turned out to be right.

The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts combined have blown a $2.5 trillion hole in America’s budget and created deficits stretching on for years.



And then, and THEN, you had proponents of the Bush tax cut saying:

‘The cash borrowing this quarter should not be looked at as a cash management factor.’


personal thought:

I know the teabaggers and their stooges in Congress like to say we need to balance our budget like we do at home, around the kitchen table, by CUTTING COSTS.

I agree we need to CUT COSTS!


But lets say, at the same you are cutting costs, your meth lab out in garage, BLOWS the FUCK UP: you then have a VERY SERIOUS ‘cash management factor’ to deal with.

And we do, because we have both a Cost problem AND a Income (Revenue) problem!


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so it’s still hot, huh?



By the way: the forecast HIGH today, here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is 82F.



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A History of College Grade Inflation

Via: NY Times


The researchers collected historical data on letter grades awarded by more than 200 four-year colleges and universities. Their analysis (published in the Teachers College Record) confirm that the share of A grades awarded has skyrocketed over the years.

Most recently, about 43 percent of all letter grades given were A’s, an increase of 28 percentage points since 1960 and 12 percentage points since 1988. The distribution of B’s has stayed relatively constant; the growing share of A’s instead comes at the expense of a shrinking share of C’s, D’s and F’s. In fact, only about 10 percent of grades awarded are D’s and F’s.


As we have written before, private colleges and universities are by far the biggest offenders on grade inflation, even when you compare private schools to equally selective public schools.



Public or Private?

Well this kid wants a private education, and her parents want YOU and ME to pay for it; via vouchers.

And if she drops out of high school, like a Palin, an alternative for her is to pay $399, preferably in cash, and BUY a 3.41 GPA.


Man, is the country ‘SCREWED or, what’?


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