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Farmers Oppose G.O.P. Bill on Immigration

Via: NYT

Farmers across the country are rallying to fight a Republican-sponsored bill that would force them and all other employers to verify the legal immigration status of their workers, a move some say could imperil not only future harvests but also the agricultural community’s traditional support for conservative candidates.

The bill was proposed by Representative Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican who is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. It would require farmers — who have long relied on a labor force of immigrants, a majority here without legal documents — to check all new hires through E-Verify, a federal database run by the Department of Homeland Security devised to ferret out illegal immigrants.

Farm laborers, required like other workers to show that they are authorized to take jobs in the United States, often present Social Security numbers and some form of picture ID. Employers, many of them labor contractors providing crews to farms, have not been required to check the information and are discouraged by antidiscrimination laws from looking at it too closely. But it is an open secret that many farmworkers’ documents are false.

Supporters of E-Verify, an electronic system that is currently mandatory for most federal contractors but voluntary for other employers, argue that it would eliminate any doubt about workers’ legal status. But farmers say it could cripple a $390 billion industry that relies on hundreds of thousands of willing, low-wage immigrant workers to pick, sort and package everything from avocados to zucchini.


Mr. Smith said requiring employers to determine that new hires were eligible to work would prevent illegal immigrants from taking jobs at a time of high joblessness for Americans. “We could open up millions of jobs for unemployed Americans and legal workers,” he said.

But farmers and their advocates scoff at that notion, saying that regardless of high unemployment, few American workers are willing to sign up for what are often hard, hot and long hours in the fields.

“People just don’t want to do farm work,” Mr. Wenger said. “They don’t want to pick berries. They don’t want to pick lettuce. And the pay is just as good as working at the hamburger shop or making up hotel rooms, but they just don’t want to do the work.”



see photo:

‘And the pay is just as good as working at the hamburger shop or making up hotel rooms, but they just don’t want to do the work.’


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Barbershop – Wytheville, VA – by the ‘Diner Hunter’

Via: The Diner Hunter

Stopped in the town of Wytheville, VA for lunch yesterday. 

Wandered around a little bit, and spotted this old rusty barber shop sign.  Went down the side street to get pictures of it, found that it was open and there were no customers.  So I went in. 

The barber, still in the traditional white smock, asked what I wanted.  I explained that I was into the whole ’30s/’40s thing, and that that’s how I wanted it. 

He responded, “so just a normal haircut, then”, and set to work, working almost entirely with the electric clippers. 

He worked without the length attachments on the clippers, and only used the comb to hold the hair away from my head, not as a guide. 

Great haircut, neat experience, and only $6.


Possibly the same barber; although, probably not.

Via: Twkiwdbi

I go to a small non-chain old-fashioned barbershop; ten years ago the barber’s son joined the business and the barber cut his work week to four days.

A few years ago he cut back further, to two days.  When I visited him this week, he said that he was 70 years old, so he was now coming in only on Wednesdays.

I asked him what it felt like to work just one day a week.

“Well,” he said, “I have these wonderfully long weekends.”



personal thought:

I think ‘The Diner Hunter’ and ‘Tywkiwdbi’ are two of the best blogs out there; check ’em out!


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Howard Hollem – Image Gallery

Via: Shorpy.com – ‘Always Something Interesting’

August 1942 – Corpus Christi, Texas

“Women from all fields have joined the production army. Miss Grace Weaver, a civil service worker at the Naval Air Base and a schoolteacher before the war, is doing her part for victory along with her brother, who is a flying instructor in the Army. Miss Weaver paints the American insignia on repaired Navy plane wings.”



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‘Moose & Squirrel’ – photo by Jen Henricks

My dog, Maverick, and my daughter, Grace.

Taken August 2008, when my daughter was about 2 months old and my pup was roughly a year and a half.

They’ve been two peas in a pod ever since!



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WPA – Rural Pennsylvania

Via: Shorpy.com – ‘Always Something Interesting’

This poster was created circa 1936 by the WPA Pennsylvania Art Project. The poster reads, simply, “Rural Pennsylvania,” and was illustrated by Katherine Milhous.




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