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First Lady Marcus

Via: Unicorn Booty

Published below is an excerpt – a particularly hilarious excerpt – from Ryan Lizza’s piece about Michele Bachmann’s political posse plane for The New Yorker. In it, Mr. Bachmann absolutely hams it up, discussing his high maintenance traveling habits, and positively jubilates overvbeing called a “silver fox.”

And for the record, we don’t care what Lizza told him. Silver Fox is a gay term. Right Anderson?

Marcus Bachmann plopped down on the seat next to me, in the back of the plane. He pointed at my laptop and asked if he could take a look. “All I want to know is what they’re saying about me,” he said. “Newsweek came up with the word ‘silver fox.’ Tell me what ‘silver fox’ means.”“Do you want me to tell you honestly?” I asked.“Oh, don’t tell me it’s something gay!” he said. “Because I’ve been called that before.” Marcus is a psychologist who runs a clinic that employs people Michele described in 2006 as “Biblical world-view counsellors,” who “reach out and try to bring the medicine of the Gospel to come and heal people.”I explained that “silver fox” probably had more to do with the color of his hair.“O.K., I can handle that,” he said. Tera, the assistant, assured him that it was a positive term.“It’s better than Porky Pig,” Marcus said, with a laugh.

Marcus announced that he would now analyze everyone around him. He asked for three characteristics that a close friend might use to describe me. I demurred.
He kept pushing: “So reporters are not that vulnerable?” “Maybe it’s a man thing.”

I tried to change the subject by asking him about the similarities between psychologists and journalists. But he would have none of it. “You are still asking questions about me!” he exclaimed. “That’s a trademark. Ai-yi-yi!”


You can, Ai-yi-yi!, read more, HERE:




‘Monks Teach Maleness To Thai Lady Boys’


Via: Newser

Political observers’ gaydar is super-piqued by the intriguing Mr. Michele Bachmann, particularly because the therapist is so rabidly anti-gay. “It’s pretty much a given that the most vociferously homophobic men are usually repressing something,” chortles actor James Urbaniak.

“But, oh Mary, Marcus takes the ever-loving cake. I haven’t seen flames this high since the last California wildfire.” 


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The New Yorker – Aug 15 & 22, 2011


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The “Twitter” of the 1940’s

Via: Tywkiwdbi

I was recently helping my mom sort through some old memorabilia.  After graduating from nursing school she saw an announcement that commercial airlines were starting a new profession called “stewardesses,” and to fill those positions they wanted registered nurses (of a certain height and weight, of course).  In 1941 she was a member of the first graduating class from American Airlines (fifth from the left in the photo above).

Her assigned route was Chicago-to-New-York and back.  In those days the stewardesses were treated “like royalty,” being housed at the Palmer House in Chicago and I think the Plaza in New York.  Limousines transported them between their hotels and the airport.

Non-stop flights were well in the future.  Chicago-to-New York meant a first leg from Chicago to Fort Wayne, Indiana, followed by stops in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Stewardesses had time to actually cook dinner for the passengers, who had time to read entire books.  The pilot communicated with the passengers using this form:

He would fill in the data (so they would know when to look down to see notable sights), call the stewardess forward and hand it to her.

She would give it to the forwardmost passenger, and then as the form says “Please pass this report to another passenger or ask the stewardess to do so.”


VERY COOL, and you can read more, HERE:



For what it’s worth, which is worth very little, I think Tywkiwdbi “Tai-Wiki-Widbee” is one the most interesting websites out there; and I suggest you bookmark it.



“Only if your name is Oedipus”



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‘bloody hell!’ – London – Before and After


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Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Think Progress

At a town hall meeting yesterday, a Tea Party member urged Rep. Michael Burgess (see photo) to bring impeachment proceedings against President Obama in the House.

Burgess replied, “It needs to happen, and I agree with you it would tie things up (tie him up?) …No question about that.”

When asked to clarify, Burgess said he wasn’t sure what the proper charges to bring against Obama would be, BUT reiterated his support for such a move.

“We need to tie things up,” he said. “The longer we allow the damage to continue unchecked, the worse things are going to be for us.”



Reporter: ‘Sir, those are dummies.’

Representative Michael Burgess: ‘How do you think I got elected?’




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