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Rep. Cory ‘Marie Antoinette’ Gardner (R-CO) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Huffington Post

Rep.Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) and one of his constituents that evidently went down at a Monday town hall meeting. In the exchange, the constituent expresses her concern that she might lose her job to outsourcing that’s aided and abetted by tax-break incentives. Gardner’s solution?

Find another job!

CONSTITUENT: But what about my job? I want to keep it. Not new jobs. I want to keep my job.

GARDNER: Well, make sure that your business is successful. We need to make sure that we’re —

CONSTITUENT: They’re successful by training those Vietnamese and I want to learn. They make me work 45 hours a week and they don’t pay for training anymore. They used to pay for two weeks of training every year. They quit paying for training three years ago. But they’re training — they’re giving these people technology, they’re giving them what I want to know, and I don’t have time to learn.


GARDNER: To go back to the question, if that company can succeed, I would hope that they would share their success with you.

If they are not, maybe that’s not a great company to work for.



personal thought:

‘Find another job’ would be a good suggestion if unemployment was at 5%, but at 9%; hell, I’m somewhat surprised the moron didn’t suggest Kraft Cheese.

Bottom-line: he’s just another arrogant GOP freshman asshole!



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Al Brule

Via: Pin-up Art



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Gomer Huckabee: Rick Perry timing ‘bad form,’ ‘tactical blunder’

Via: Politico

Mike Huckabee is giving a big thumbs-down to Rick Perry’s campaign rollout,  telling Fox News that the Texas governor’s decision to announce on the day of  the Iowa straw poll is a big “tackical blunner.”

The problem, said the former Arkansas governor and 2008 Iowa  caucus winner, is that Perry’s Saturday kickoff in South Carolina shows  disrespect to the Iowa process.

It’s a tackical blunner . . . the peoples of Iowa wawk mighty hard t’ make th’ straw poll ‘th mos’ trimenjous political moment in th’ summer,” Huckabee said.

“Eff’n yo’ haf a kindidate  who says, ‘ Yo know whut. I’m not going to be thar. I’m goin’ to be over in South Carolina try’n t’ pull as much attenshun as postible from yur tremenjus event’.

I tell you, the peoples of Iowa is gracious, is lovin’, kind peoples, and they not gonna take kindly t’someone, in essence, dissin’ their tremenjus event.

Which is whut it will be reviewed as in th’ state of Iowa.”


Huckabee, who came in second in the 2007 Ames straw poll, likened the  presidential primary process to a marathon, advising: “Yo’ don’t git’ t’start at mile No. 6.”



personal thought:

Gomer, no I mean, Huckabee, makes a good point.


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Michele ‘bat-shit insane’ Bachmann is ‘now’ worried about the Renaissance

Via: L.A. Times

It’s the Renaissance, stupid.

The economy is not what ails us today.

No, what ails Americans is what Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and their artistic spawn have wrought in the culture, starting 500 years ago. The Renaissance has dragged us all down.

Tea party queen and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is convinced that America is sinking into tyranny. Why? In a remarkable profile of the candidate appearing in the Aug. 15 issue of the New Yorker magazine, the artistic flowering of the Italian Renaissance takes a beating for having done away with the god-fearing Dark Ages.

Bachmann “belongs to a generation of Christian conservatives whose views have been shaped by institutions, tracts, and leaders not commonly known to secular Americans, or even to most Christians,” writes Ryan Lizza, who spent four days on the campaign trail talking with the candidate and her husband.

He chronicles Bachmann’s enthusiasm for the extreme evangelical teachings of the late Presbyterian Pastor Francis Schaeffer, commonly regarded as having sparked the 1970s rise of the Christian Right. Schaeffer loved visiting Florence, Italy, where his idea of Renaissance ruin is on full display.

Read more, HERE:



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Mitt Romney Tells Angry Americans: ‘Corporations Are People’ Too

Via: Wonkette

Aren’t there any presidential candidates any more who will bother to stand up for all the corporations in these weary times?

Does Mitt Romney have to be the one to do it?

Oh fine, he’ll just say it, he’ll say it right now, right here to this crowd of angry people standing in front of him in Iowa: “Corporations are people, my friend.”

There, he said it.

Now nobody ever forget about their common humanity with corporations. They are one of you! Hold hands and buy matching t-shirts!


Uh-oh, Mittens did not entirely win over the crowd with this statement! Who even knows why?

Hecklers shouted back, “No, they’re not!”




To which Mittens cackles at them incredulously and says, “Of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately earn goes to people.”




I thought ‘Fudge’ was Rick Santorum’s ‘thing’; guess not, huh?


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Exclusive footage (10 seconds) of Britain’s most laid-back rioter

Via: HappyPlace.com

‘All week, the streets of England have been overrun by scores of disgruntled British yobs, valiantly standin’ up for their God-given right ter hurl burnin’ wooden planks frough electronics store windows and ball of chalk wiv as many Blu-ray players as they can carry.

But the bloody blokes ‘oo still remember wot this protest is right about, like the chuffin’ man in this video, take a much more foughtful, subtle approach.’

Yer see that, guv? He’s not puttin’ up wiv yor garbage anymore.’




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