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Gomer Huckabee: Rick Perry timing ‘bad form,’ ‘tactical blunder’

Via: Politico

Mike Huckabee is giving a big thumbs-down to Rick Perry’s campaign rollout,  telling Fox News that the Texas governor’s decision to announce on the day of  the Iowa straw poll is a big “tackical blunner.”

The problem, said the former Arkansas governor and 2008 Iowa  caucus winner, is that Perry’s Saturday kickoff in South Carolina shows  disrespect to the Iowa process.

It’s a tackical blunner . . . the peoples of Iowa wawk mighty hard t’ make th’ straw poll ‘th mos’ trimenjous political moment in th’ summer,” Huckabee said.

“Eff’n yo’ haf a kindidate  who says, ‘ Yo know whut. I’m not going to be thar. I’m goin’ to be over in South Carolina try’n t’ pull as much attenshun as postible from yur tremenjus event’.

I tell you, the peoples of Iowa is gracious, is lovin’, kind peoples, and they not gonna take kindly t’someone, in essence, dissin’ their tremenjus event.

Which is whut it will be reviewed as in th’ state of Iowa.”


Huckabee, who came in second in the 2007 Ames straw poll, likened the  presidential primary process to a marathon, advising: “Yo’ don’t git’ t’start at mile No. 6.”



personal thought:

Gomer, no I mean, Huckabee, makes a good point.


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