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Marcus Bachmann Is Only Charge of Michele’s *Important* Decisions, Guys

Via: Wonkette

Everyone’s number one spiritual question for today is: “Should Michele Bachmann ask her gay husband permission if she just wants to have a regular Coke once in a while?”

THIS WAS LAST NIGHT’S MOST IMPORTANT GOP DEBATE QUESTION, which was mysteriously booed by the Jerry Springer audience.

Anyway, this issue is so important that Bristol Palin’s memoir ghostwriter Nancy French decided (?) to swing by The Corner and type some soothing Christian words to explain, carefully, that Marcus is not Michele’s leather daddy for some Biblical reason other than the obvious one.

Sure, we will listen to you, person who writes all day long about the Palin family, veritable “super expert” on Christian living!

What was Michele Bachmann really saying when she told us back in June that she became a tax lawyer because God Marcus told her to?

 “The concept of submission is a bit more nuanced than our feminist  sisters understand. Christian women are under the authority of their  husbands,” French writes.

Weird, that doesn’t sound very nuanced at all!


Read more, HERE:




This is what Newsweek should have used for the cover shot.


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