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(1 of 2) Air Asia – Flight Attendants

Via: World Stewardess Crews

‘Red Hot Sexy Stewardess in Air Asia’




Even more, that’s right MORE, here:



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books, books, and more books

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Hey, I can relate!



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Happy Deathday, Elvis!

Via: CNN

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann stepped all over Elvis Presley’s blue suede shoes while stumping Tuesday, when she mistakenly wished “The King” a “Happy Birthday.”

August 16 actually marks the 34th anniversary of Presley’s death.

“Before we get started, let’s all say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Elvis Presley today,” Bachmann greeted event attendees at a “Join Team Bachmann” rally in Spartanburg, SC.

“We played you a little bit of Promise Land when we pulled up. You can’t do better than Elvis Presley and we thought we would celebrate his birthday as we get started celebrating taking our country back to work.”



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Sand kitten

The Sand cat (Felis margarita), also referred to as the “sand dune cat”, is a small wild cat distributed over African and Asian deserts. (The name “desert cat” is reserved for Felis silvestris lybica, the African wildcat.)

The Sand cat lives in arid areas that are too hot and dry even for the African Wildcat: the Sahara, the Arabian Desert, and the deserts of Iran and Pakistan.

Victor Loche was the first European to describe the sand cat for science (in 1858). He named the species Felis margarita after Jean Auguste Margueritte, the leader of the expedition during which he had encountered the animal.




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Libertarian Billionaire Wants Island Nation for Libertarian Billionaires

Via: Wonkette

It is possible that if we too had billions of dollars, we might set fire to a few million of it every day for fun and “good form” or however it is appropriate to celebrate exorbitant wealth these days.

But eccentric Silicon Valley tycoon Peter Thiel will do everybody one better and use a little of that billionaire barbecue tinder pile to the tune of $1.25 million to fund an adorable lunatic venture proposing to build an island nation of PAULTARDS “oil-rig style” somewhere off the coast of San Francisco/ wherever.

“Will there be Internet forums?”

Oh, uh, probably!

The organization behind this blockbuster premise is called the Seasteading Institute, a group that devotes itself to arguing on its Wiki about what kind of man-made island would be most likely to live up to Ayn Rand’s paradisiac vision of total lawlessness while trying to avoid tsunami death. No one claimed libertarian utopia was easy.

From thr Lookout:

‘Thiel has been a big backer of the Seasteading Institute, which seeks to build sovereign nations on oil rig-like platforms to occupy waters beyond the reach of law-of-the-sea treaties. The idea is for these countries to start from scratch – free from the laws, regulations, and moral codes of any existing place. Details says the experiment would be “a kind of floating petri dish for implementing policies that libertarians, stymied by indifference at the voting booths, have been unable to advance: no welfare, looser building codes, no minimum wage, and few restrictions on weapons.’

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Oh, you get seasick. no problem; because there’s also a LAND VERSION!


Via: Think Progress

We’re sending out a request today asking President Obama to put a MORATOURIUM on ALL REGULATIONS,” Perry said on WHO radio in Iowa, recorded live by ThinkProgress.

Under such a moratorium:

– the Food and Drug Administration would stop approving new drugs and preventing human experimentation

– the USDA would stop checking for food safety

– the EPA would stop monitoring for poisons in drinking water

– the Library of Congress would stop loaning materials to blind people

– the NTSB would stop investigating airplane accidents

– HHS would end Medicare payments

– no more patents,copyrights, or trademarks would be issued

– DHS would stop protecting chemical facilities from terrorist attacks

– the Treasury would stop printing currency

– financial sanctions on hostile nations like North Korea and Iran would end

– the Federal Reserve System would shut down



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Is Michele ‘bat-shit insane’ Bachmann Just Marcus Bachmann in a Creepy Mask and Wig?

Via: Wonkette

Notorious pill-gobbling serial fabricator Michele Bachmann made up a stupid lie about how she went to her family reunion in Iowa and then made excuses to the press when she was late for everything that day on account of attending the reunion, which she did NOT atttend.


Or did she?

All we know is that Michele Bachmann says she was there, Michele Bachmann’s MOTHER says that only Marcus was there, ergo: Michele Bachmann is just First Lady Marcus Bachmann in a girdle and a gnarly rubber mask, which makes “sense” in a spine-tingling way.


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