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(2 of 2) Gary Larson

Gary Larson (born August 14, 1950) is the creator of The Far Side, a single-panel cartoon series that was syndicated internationally to newspapers for 15 years. The series ended with Larson’s retirement on January 1, 1995.

His 23 books of collected cartoons have combined sales of more than 45 million copies.



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(1 of 2) The cat is NOT amused; however the kitten …


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Golf cart driver in a ‘clown suit’ nabbed by law enforcement

Via: The Batavian

James R. Straub, 37, of Stoneham, Mass., is charged with DWI and refusal to take a breath test. Straub is accused of driving a golf cart on a public road while under the influence of alcohol.

Witnesses contacted dispatch at 8:40 p.m. Sunday to report that a man in a “clown suit”, as the photo shows, more like a wild golf outfit (hey, honest mistake) had taken off in a cart owned by Terry Hills and was heading toward the City of Batavia on Clinton Street Road.

Straub was eventually located at a residence in the city where he was taken into custody by Deputy Bradley Mazur. Straub was arraigned in Town of Batavia Court and committed to the Genesee County Jail without bail.

Straub is reportedly out on $500. Batavia PD assisted in the investigation.



UPDATE: This reporter has learned an additional charge of child endagerment might be filed against Mr Straub for having his three children (see photo) in the back of his golf cart.


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‘Until you get that bitch off stage, I’ll be on my bus’ – Palin didn’t say

Via: Wonkette

What has Sarah Palin quit today?

Her own headline act at Iowa’s big Tea Party circus this Saturday.

And how is this different than everything else this mentally unstable con-artist has quit since losing her one and only national election?

Well, this time, she managed to attack her former dingbat-grifter protege Christine O’Donnell in the process, because Sarah just couldn’t stand the idea that a younger, prettier version of herself might take some of the spotlight — even though Christine O’Donnell isn’t even considered a “potential presidential candidate” by the delusional old white cranks of the Tea Party.

Oh, Sarah, you never let us down, the way you constantly let everyone down.

Read more, HERE:




‘delusional old white cranks of the Tea Party’ – she’s got the look nailed, I’d say.


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Women fire fighters, Pearl Harbor, 7th Dec 1941


personal thought:

I’ve seen many photos of bravery on that ‘infamous day’; but never this one.


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Where Pay for Chiefs Outstrips U.S. Taxes

Via: NYT – the NEW ‘Fair and Balance’

At least 25 top United States companies paid more to their chief executives in 2010 than they did to the federal government in taxes, according to a study released on Wednesday.

The companies — which include household names like eBay, Boeing, General Electric and Verizon — averaged $1.9 billion each in profits, according to the study by the Institute for Policy Studies, a liberal-leaning (that doesn’t mean the numbers are wrong, does it?) research group. But a variety of shelters, loopholes and tax reduction strategies allowed the companies to average $304 million each in tax benefits — which can be taken as a refund or used as write-off against earnings in future years.

The chief executives of those companies were paid an average of more than $16 million a year, the study found, a figure substantially higher than the $10.8 million average for all companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index.

The financial data in the report was taken from the companies’ regulatory filings, which can differ from what is actually filed on a corporate tax return. Even in a year when a company claims an overall tax benefit, it may pay some cash taxes while accumulating credits that can be redeemed in future years. For instance, General Electric reported a federal tax benefit of more than $3 billion in 2010, but company officials said they still expected to pay a SMALL AMOUNT of cash taxes (‘while accumulating credits that can be redeemed in future years’ – hey, that’s fair).



“Hey Citizen, you dropped the soap” – Republican/Tea/Libertarian Party


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