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Newt® might debate Newt®; possibly at a book signing

Via: The Daily Caller

Newt Gingrich says there’s a better way for the Republicans running for  president to debate each other than the type of televised showdowns going on  now.

“I would still love to see some agreement where we would have 90-minute  dialogues one-on-one (me-on-me),” the former House Speaker and GOP candidate for president  said in an interview spanning more than 20 minutes with The Daily Caller on  Tuesday.

He suggested these kind of debates, where only two people debate under a  format of few rules, might work best after the field has dwindled down to  perhaps “the final four.”

Gingrich, who has criticized debate moderators on more than one occasion  recently, said he’s for figuring out “some model by which some people could  actually have rational conversations.”

He has long been a fan of debates in the style of those famously held in 1858  between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas (Michelle Bachmann and Newt Gingrich, perhaps?), where the candidates were given 90  minutes each to offer their side. He called on the major party nominees for  president in 2008 to hold such forums.



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