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Occupy Wall Street


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Dr. Broadway (Jean Phillips & McDonald Carey – 1942)

Via: It is not safe here

Plot Summary:

New York City physician, Dr. Timothy Kane, knows Broadway, the Great White Way and all of its characters thoroughly, as does his receptionist, Connie Madigan. A man Kane had sent to prison is now dying, and asks Kane to locate a daughter and give her his fortune. However, others think they have a claim on it, and are out to ensure their claim, usually by foul means.



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Granny Sex in the back seat of a Buick Regal – BUSTED!

Via: The Smoking Gun

A naked 71-year-old woman and her equally clothes-free male companion, 54, were arrested last month for indecent exposure after a Michigan cop found them trysting in the back seat of a Buick Regal that was rocking gently and had its windows steamed over, according to a police report.

When the officer opened the vehicle’s rear door and asked the nude couple what they were doing, Tim Adams offered a concise answer. “I’m fucking this chick,” he said.

Yes, Adams referred to his septuagenarian consort, Rita Daniels, as a “chick.”

According to a City of Farmington Police report, Daniels’s 2002 Buick (license plate: DIVA 145) (diva, yes she is!) was in a shopping center parking lot, adjacent to a restaurant whose customers, including a 10-year-old-boy, apparently had a view of the illicit nighttime action on September 3.



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Jobs and Gates

(date ?)


31 May, 2007


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Senator Ayn Rand Paul (R-KY) – GOP Moron of the Day

Via: Mother Jones

In February, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) sent out an urgent message to his supporters.

The subject was the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, a pact under consideration by the UN that would wipe out Americans’ Second Amendment rights. If it were to be ratified by the Senate, Paul wrote, it would allow the government to “CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL ‘unauthorized’ civilian firearms.” And that would be just the beginning. Once implemented, the treaty it would mandate that all guns be registered with the international body, paving the way for “full-scale gun CONFISCATION.”

Only there’s no such thing as the UN Small Arms Treaty. The senator was broadcasting unfounded propaganda being disseminated by an extreme gun group.

Paul was writing on behalf of the National Association for Gun Rights, a Second Amendment organization that considers the National Rifle Association too moderate.



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‘One of These Things Is Not Like the Others’ – by Peter Van Buren

Via: ‘We meant Well: How I Helped To Lose the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People’

(do you remember them?)


U.S. Defense.gov news tells us:

American forces’ efforts in Iraq “have given the people of Iraq a huge gift” through the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a democratic society, a senior U.S. commander said today.

“We have given them freedom and liberty that they’ve never known, and we have given them the potential to have a democracy in this part of the world … where it would be a unique institution,” Army Maj. Gen. David G. Perkins, commander of U.S. Division-North and the U.S. Army’s 4th Infantry Division, told Pentagon reporters.


Aswat al-Iraq, which was or maybe still is, partly funded by the US and thus not the most radical of reporters, has the following stories on its web site:

– URGENT / Diala’s al-Sahwa Council leader detained on terrorism charge
9/28/2011 5:19 PM

– Two armed men killed while planting an explosive charge in Kirkuk
9/28/2011 12:15 PM

– Iraqi Parliament delegation in Kirkuk on fact-finding mission after stepping up of assassinations
9/28/2011 12:13 PM

– Five civilians killed, 7 injured in Anbar attack
9/28/2011 12:10 PM

– Iraqi civilian killed, officer injured in Baghdad attack 9/28/2011 9:50 AM

– Five injured in 2 explosive charges blast in west Baghdad
9/28/2011 9:24 AM

– 8 Civilians injured in Baghdad booby-trapped car blast
9/28/2011 9:04 AM


9/28/2011 – Summary

Eight (8) killed, Twenty-one (21) injured




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Ohio barber shot in ass

Via: The Columbus Dispatch

An Ohio barber says he got more than a tip from one longtime customer, whose gun accidentally discharged and left a bullet in the hair cutter’s backside.

Barber Kurt Voelkel in the Cleveland suburb of Parma says the man was adjusting his clothing and sitting down on Sept. 29 when a 9 mm handgun fell from his holster, struck the ground and went off.

WJW-TV reports a bullet passed through the chair where Voelkel was sitting and also went through his wallet before coming to rest deep in his buttocks. He spent more than two hours being treated at a hospital, where doctors decided to leave the slug where it is, for now.

Voelkel decided not to file charges against the customer, who’s covering his medical needs.




FAIL: After searching in vain for photos of KURT Voelkel, I decided to go with this.

you’re welcome

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We Are the 99 Percent

We are suffering from environmental pollution.

We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we’re working at all.

We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything.

We are the 99 percent. Brought to you by the people who occupy wall street.

Why will YOU occupy?


Please visit their website, and tell YOUR story.



And, if you want to help out:

The Occupy Wall St. protesters can always use food and warm clothing.

You can send non-perishable food, warm clothing, batteries, etc., to this address:

The UPS Store

Re: Occupy Wall Street

118A Fulton St. #205

New York , NY 10038


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