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Michele ‘bat-shit insane’ Bachmann: ‘I Want To Adopt The Reagan Tax Plan’

Via: TPM

In an appearance Thursday morning on Fox News, Michele Bachmann might have put forward the boldest tax proposal of all Republican candidates: Raising taxes to where they were when Ronald Reagan was president.

Bachmann criticized Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” tax plan, and its inclusion of a national sales tax.

“For my tax plan, I take a page out of one of my great economists that I admire, Ronald Reagan,” Bachmann boasted. “And under my tax plan I want to adopt the Reagan tax plan. It brought the economic miracle of the 1980s. Why not go with what works? I want to reinstitute the Reagan tax model from the 1980s.”

However, as has been previously documented, TAXES WERE HIGHER DURING THE REAGAN YEARS THAN THEY ARE NOW – both in terms of:

– the top income tax rate (for all but the final year of the Reagan presidency)

– and in terms of the overall tax burden



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