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FLORIDA – loud sex toy leads to arrest of Jeffrey Bowers in Bonita Springs

Via: wtsp.com

It wasn’t a typical night at the home of Jeffery Bowers, for some reason he couldn’t sleep.  Turns out his girlfriend woke him up while playing with a sex “toy” in bed.

Police reports state that the victim had bruises on her arms and a swollen eye.  She also mentioned to police that Bowers kicked her in the face, dragged her throughout the home and threw her out of the house.  When police arrived she was in the front yard.

Bower’s side of the story is that he had picked up his girlfriend to come over and make him dinner.

They went to bed and he became agitated when he woke up and she was playing with a sex toy.

He asked her to stop so he could sleep and then told her to get the cigarettes off the porch.  She went to get his cigarettes and when she turned around to come back in he pushed her out and locked the door.



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‘Australian cat and mouse’ – maybe?


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We Are the 99 Percent

I’m 21, with a college degree, hoping to go to law school.

The only reason I can still afford to eat is because I work in a restaurant.

If I could afford a bus ticket to New York and afford to lose my jobs, I’d be there at Wall Street.

Someday I want to get married, have children, have a secure place to live, and not have to worry about which bills I can afford to pay.

My American Dream is now a NIGHTMARE.


We are the 99 Percent.

We are getting kicked out of our homes.

We are forced to choose between groceries and rent.

We are denied quality medical care. We are suffering from environmental pollution.

We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we’re working at all.

We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything.

We are the 99 percent.

Brought to you by the people who occupy wall street.

Why will YOU occupy?


Please visit their website, and tell YOUR story.



And, if you want to help out: The Occupy Wall St. protesters can always use food and warm clothing. You can send non-perishable food, warm clothing, batteries, etc., to this address:

The UPS Store

Re: Occupy Wall Street

118A Fulton St. #205

New York , NY 10038


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Boomer Bust!

Via: Huffington Post

For Baby Boomers who are out of a job, the picture isn’t getting any brighter.

People age 55 and older are still the most likely to be part of the long-term unemployed, according to research released this week. The numbers point to a continuation of a trend that has persisted throughout the economic downturn: In a competitive, fast-changing job market, older applicants are finding their options especially limited.

More than 4.4 million people in the U.S. are among the long-term unemployed, meaning they’ve been looking for work for a year or more, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts, which made its research available on Tuesday.

The long-term unemployed include people of all ages, but it’s people 55 and older who might have it the worst. Over 43 percent of unemployed people in that age range — some 923,000 people — have been out of work a year or more. That’s the highest rate of any age group.

Overall, nearly a third of all of the unemployed — 31.8 percent — have been jobless for more than a year.



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Jump !

Via: Space Ghost Zombie


I get up, and nothing gets me down.
i like to jump. and then go round and round
And I know, just how it feels.
You’ve got to roll with the punches  to get to what’s real
Oh can’t you see me standing here,
I’m getting ready for a soccer scene I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen.
Oh can’t you see what I mean ?

Might as well jump. Jump !
Might as well jump.

Go ahead, jump. Jump !
Go ahead, jump.


YouTube – Van Halen ‘Jump’



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Herman ‘hold the sausage’ Cain – Third Ex-Employee Comes Forward

Via: Huffington Post

Herman Cain is being accused of sexual harassment by a third former employee.

The ex-staffer, a woman who worked for Cain at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, told the Associated Press that GOP candidate displayed aggressive and unsolicited behavior, including suggestive remarks and appropriate gestures.

She claimed that he even invited her back to his apartment.

Cain’s campaign declined to comment to the AP. (hey, it takes time to make shit up!)



Q: Will he break Tiger’s record?

A: hmmm, maybe


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1. To exist together, at the same time, or in the same place.
2. To live in peace with another or others despite differences, especially as a matter of policy.


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Geezers Charged With Terror Plot Inspired By Fox News ‘Expert’

Via: Wonkette

The Year of Rage is moving along nicely: The four elderly Georgia men arrested for their alleged plot to kill a bunch of federal employees and simultaneously attack a half-dozen cities with poison and some other Rage Batman stuff were all inspired by a Fox News personality’s insanely inspirational novel about killing all the evil gubmint peoples.

One interesting thing about mass worldwide insurrections is that all points on the ideological spectrum are eventually represented, which is exactly what we’re seeing in the three-year era (so far) that future alien historians will refer to as “The End of These Goddamned People.”


ABC News reports today:

Four senior citizens will appear in front of a federal judge in Georgia today after telling undercover informants about plans to attack federal buildings with explosives and a biological toxin.

The men named in the charging documents, Frederick Thomas, 73, of Cleveland, Ga., and Toccoa, Ga., residents Dan Roberts, 67, Ray H. Adams, 65, and Samuel J. Crump, 68, were all members of a fringe militia organization, according to investigators.

They called themselves “the covert group,” and met several times throughout the year to discuss killing federal employees with rifles, explosives and ricin, a dangerous toxin that can be extracted from castor bean seeds using acetone and lye.


The four geezers, all reportedly retired from government agencies or contractors including the U.S. Navy, the USDA and the Centers for Disease Control, allegedly dreamed up their terror spree as a “bucket list,” meaning a list of fun things to do in the last years of life.

But what inspired the apparently well-behaved Southern Old Folk?

Oh, some shitty book about people killing their government leaders, the standard paperback “patriot fiction” that also inspired Timothy McVeigh. But this time, the “paperback” was an “online novel.” So, futuristic?

Fox News reported on the arrests too, with a wink and a nod, but the Fox News announcers decided not to mention that the author of the terror fiction is a constant presence on Fox News, where he serves as an “expert” to talk about how Obama is a criminal.

But Fox’s report neglected to mention the allegedly inspirational novel’s author, who is no stranger to Fox viewers. Indeed, the author, Mike Vanderboegh, has been mainstreamed by the network, which has repeatedly featured him as an expert on the ATF’s failed Operation Fast and Furious. Fox has identified Vanderboegh as an “online journalist” and an “authority on the Fast and Furious investigation,” and has consistently failed to acknowledge his extremist views, actions, and affiliations.



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My gawd, Herman ‘hold the sausage’ Cain is even dumber than Perry!

Via: Think Progress

WOODRUFF: Do you view China as a potential military threat to the United States?

CAIN: I do view China as a potential military threat to the United States.

WOODRUFF: And what could you do as president to head that off?

CAIN: My China strategy is quite simply outgrow China. … [W]e already have superiority in terms of our military capability, and I plan to get away from making cutting our defense a priority and make investing in our military capability a priority, going back to my statement: peace through strength and clarity.

So yes they’re a military threat. They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have. So yes, we have to consider them a military threat.


Far from “trying to develop a nuclear capability,” as Cain suggests, and at risk of insulting anyone’s intelligence, the Chinese conducted their first nuclear weapons test in 1964 (47 YEARS AGO!) and reportedly possess around 250 nuclear weapons, including thermonuclear warheads and around 150 tactical nukes.




China made remarkable progress in the 1960s in developing nuclear weapons. The first Chinese nuclear test was conducted at Lop Nur on October 16, 1964. It was a tower shot involving a fission device with a yield of 25 kilotons. Uranium 235 was used as the nuclear fuel.

In less than 32 months, China detonated its first hydrogen bomb on June 14, 1967.



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