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Herman ‘hold the sausage’ Cain – “We need a leader, not a reader”

Via: Huffington Post

As pointed out by Talking Points Memo, Herman Cain mirrored ‘The Simpsons’ with his latest quotable gem.

According to numerous sources, including The Associated Press, Cain said Thursday at a New Hampshire campaign event, “We need a leader, not a reader.”  AP provides some context for the statement, explaining, “He defended recent stumbles on foreign policy and said the president doesn’t need to know every detail about every country.”


TPM’s Benjy Sarlin notesthat Cain’s quote bears a striking resemblance to a joke from 2007’s “The Simpsons Movie.”

During a scene in the White House, Arnold Schwarzenegger (the President of the United States in the film) is presented with a series of options on a major decision and immediately picks one of them without reading it.

Explaining how he came to the decision so quickly, the character of Schwarzenegger says,

 “I was elected to lead, not to read.”



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