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1. The act, process, duration, or an instance of recovering.
2. A return to a normal condition.
3. Something gained or restored in recovering.
4. The act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources

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Fox News – ‘comes out of the closet’ with support for Newt® Gingrich®


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Republican Party


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Take Back the Streets – OCCUPY!


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Via: Huffington Post

While few things could seem more remote, some scientists now believe that the earliest traces of life on Earth originated on Mars — and parts of that planet are actually more hospitable to life than we previously thought.

Researchers from the Australian National University have determined that very large regions under the surface of the red planet may contain water and have sufficiently comfortable temperatures for Earth-based life — albeit microbial life.


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We were told, but did anyone listen?

Oh, hell no!


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Gossip-mongering drawf, Chuck Todd, waves to his many adoring fans

Via: Huffington Post

Chuck Todd was caught giving someone the middle finger on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe.”

The embarrassing moment came as cameras cut to Todd standing around with a ‘store mannequin’ (later identified as, “Meet the Press” host David Gregory).

Todd, apparently not aware that the camera was looking at him, was seen laughing and then flipping the bird at an offscreen person. David Gregory looked comically stunned and nervous, but nobody made any comment about the incident. Todd later apologized on Twitter.



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New Data: Obamacare Extended Health Coverage To At Least 2.5 Million Young Adults

Via: Think Progress

At least 2.5 million younger Americans now have health insurance as a result of a provision in the Affordable Care Act that allows adults to stay on their parents’ health care plans until 26 years of age, the Associated Press reports. The Obama administration is expected to release additional data later this afternoon:

Using unpublished quarterly statistics from the government’s ongoing National Health Interview Survey, analysts in Sebelius’ policy office determined that nearly 36 percent of those age 19-25 were uninsured in the third calendar quarter of 2010, before the law’s provision took effect. That translates to more than 10.5 million people.



Re-elect Obama/Biden in 2012!


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Another, “Quote (endorsement) of the Day”

Mock, Paper, Scissors

(The Hill)

[GARY BUSEY] court in the living room, posing for picture after picture as guests lined up to meet him. He also discussed his thoughts on the 2012 presidential race, telling The Washington Scene he was endorsing former Speaker Newt Gingrich.

“I’ve never met Newt but I know what he stands for,” Busey said.


“Newt stands for adultery, bribes, fines, ditching wives. These are things we can all get behind,” the actor did not say.


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“Quote of the Day”

That’s one of the things that I like about him — because he’s been consistent since he changed his mind.”

–  Christine ‘Not a Witch’ O’Donnell (see photo) endorses Mitt ‘the Flipper’ Romney


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