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The ‘Dancing Baby’; a.k.a. ‘Baby Cha-Cha’

The “Dancing Baby,” also called “Baby Cha-Cha,” refers to an animated 3D model of a baby and 3D-rendered video animations of that baby dancing a sort of cha-cha style of dance for several seconds.

The Dancing Baby animation quickly became a media phenomenon, Internet Phenomenon, Internet meme, and one of the first viral videos in the mid-to-late 1990s.


Original and virtually unmodified Dancing Baby animation clips using the sk_baby.max file appeared in a broad array of mainstream media, including television dramas (i.e. “Ally McBeal”), commercial advertisements, and music videos between 1996–1998 had a predominant influence on the proliferation of use of the original dancing baby animation. It is also arguable that the original cha-cha loop is extremely adaptable to many different styles of music as seen in various videos/clips of the original dancing baby cha-cha dance using songs spanning completely different genres.



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