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Romney Fires Back at Occupy Heckler

Via: Huffington Post

Mitt Romney on Thursday reacted strongly to a heckler in Charleston, S.C., asking him what he, as part of the “1 percent,” plans to do for the 99 percent.

“Let me tell you something. America is a great nation because we’re a united nation. And those who are trying to divide the nation, as you’re trying to do here and as our president is doing, are hurting this country seriously. The right course for America is not to try to divide America and try and divide us between one and another. It’s to come together as a nation,” Romney fired back, according to the Washington Post. “And if you’ve got a better model — if you think China’s better, or Russia’s better, or Cuba’s better, or North Korea’s better — I’m glad to hear all about it.”

“But you know what?” the candidate added. “America’s right, and you’re wrong.”

Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom tweeted the video, calling it “GREAT VIDEO.”

Romney has said that concerns about Wall Street, financial institutions and income inequality are the result of “ENVY” and has accused President Barack Obama of promulgating the “politics of ENVY.”




“Same Shit, Different Milennium”


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