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Sheldon Adelson Considers $100M Donation To Gingrich, But Says He’s ‘Against Very Wealthy People… Influencing Elections’

Via: Think Progress

Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has already given the pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC Winning Our Future $21 million this year.

Now, as his preferred candidate flounders in the polls, Adelson is floating the possibility of donating an ADDITION $100 MILLION.

A political contribution of that magnitude from a single source would be absolutely unprecedented. The next largest single contribution — a mere $5 million that “singlehandedly revived Gingrich’s campaign” last month — came from Adelson as well. All super PACs combined have raised $98.5 million this cycle, less than the possible $100 million Adelson check.

With net worth estimated at approximately $25 billion, Adelson is the eighth richest person in the United States. When asked if uber-wealthy plutocrats making political purchases of this magnitude was fair, he offered this response:

“I’m against very wealthy ­people attempting to or influencing elections,” he shrugs. “But as long as it’s doable I’m going to d0 it.”



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