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John Demos

Via: Facie Populi

Athens, Greece, Tinos, 1986



Drama is what you make of it. Some photographers introduce pyrotechnics into the most mundane of scenes, while others specialise in deliberately lowering emotional temperature to the point where the depiction of a mass grave becomes as neutral as that of a field of potatoes.

John Demos avoids both extremes, opting instead for an almost paradoxical middle ground: in Shadows of Silence, he approaches inherently dramatic subject matter with distanced elegance.

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milk was a bad choice


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Paul Babeu Allegedly Slept With Student At Reeducation Camp He Ran

Via: Wonkette

Every inhabitant in the entire solar system and possibly as far away as the alternate universe where Rick Santorum becomes the American president has now heard the story about wingnut Arizona sheriff Paul Babeu trying to deport his secret illegal Mexican gay lover.

But did you know that this was only one of two insane stories about Babeu’s serially creepy, unethical behavior that reporters were learning about at the time?

ABC15 in Arizona was also about to out Babeu after they spent five months digging up dirt from court documents in Massachusetts alleging that Paul Babeu’s 1999-2001 tenure as the evil headmaster of an unlicensed private reeducation camp gulag for troubled teens included the use of punishments that amounted to physical abuse.

And that oh yeah, HIS SISTER says he was shacked up with one of his male students.

Paul Babeu sure does seem to enjoy the secretive sexytime with members of vulnerable groups that he treats like shit in his official capacities!



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“Quote of the Day”

Via: Think Progress

“The interesting thing about the corporate rate is that corporate profits, as a percentage of GDP last year were the highest or just about the highest in the last 50 years. They were ten and a fraction percent of GDP. That’s higher than we’ve seen in 50 years. The corporate taxes as a percentage of GDP were 1.2 percent, $180 billion. That’s just about the lowest we’ve seen.

So our corporate tax rate last year, effectively, in terms of taxes paid for the United States, was around 12 PERCENT, which is well below those existing in most of the industrialized countries around the world.

So it is a MYTH that American corporations are paying 35 PERCENT or anything like it…Corporate taxes are not strangling American competitiveness.”

– Warren ‘he ought to know’ Buffett



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(2 of 2) NASCAR

Via: Think Progress

“[T]he crowd initially BOOED Mr. Romney, who occasionally struck a discordant note, as when he approached a group of fans wearing plastic ponchos. ‘I like those fancy raincoats you bought,’ he said. ‘Really sprung for the big bucks.’”



You can’t spell Romney, without M*O*N*E*Y


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(1 of 2) NASCAR

Via: Dependable Renegade

Willard ‘just One of Guys’ Romney

Asked by the AP reporter if he follows NASCAR, Romney responded, “Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans. But I have some great friends who are NASCAR team owners.”



Rick ‘Frothy’ Santorum



Ron (2008, 2012, 2016?) Paul


Newt (who?)


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