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The Simpsons – ‘sneak peak’

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Jean Dieuzaide

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‘The little girl and rabbit’ – Portugal – 1953



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Born in 1921, Jean Dieuzaide very quickly showed a passion for photography. He proved it ardently, everywhere, from Paris to Toulouse, passing through Arles.Launched by a photograph of General de Gaulle that would be largely distributed, Jean Dieuzaide became a photojournalist. Many of his reportages appeared in the international press, such as the one dedicated to the marriage of two tightrope walkers and published by “Life.” Jean Dieuzaide also photographed for “documentary” works: Gascogne, Portugal, Périgord, Languedoc, etc



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the “Sign of the Day”

Oklahoma Sen. Judy McIntyre (D), one of four women in the 48-member state Senate, looked out over a sea of homemade signs at a fetal personhood protest at the state Capitol on Tuesday and spotted one that she wanted to hold herself.

“If I wanted the government in my womb,” the sign said in painted blue letters, “I’d fuck a Senator.”

At the risk of offending some of her mostly male Republican colleagues, who recently voted to pass a controversial fetal personhood bill, she grabbed the sign and posed with it for photos.

“I was so excited about the fact that the women in Oklahoma have finally begun to wake up and fight for their rights,” she told HuffPost. “I saw a sea of signs that caught my eye, but this one in particular — I loved its offensive language, because it’s just as offensive for Republicans of Oklahoma to do what they’re doing as it relates to women’s bodies. I don’t apologize for it.”



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When Gingrich pulls out, Santorum will surge

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Rick Santorum’s adviser, John Brabender (apparently he’s a top), thinks that the only way to save Ricky’s floundering campaign is if Newt Gingrich drops out of the race.

Newt, however, isn’t finished and won’t pull out until he’s done.

Top adviser John Brabender says Santorum’s future may depend upon Gingrich leaving the race. The former House speaker is showing no signs of bowing out, certainly not before next week’s Super Tuesday voting.

“If we could ever make this where we have all the conservatives and tea party supporters behind us as one candidate against Mitt Romney, we’ll win the nomination,” Brabender said Wednesday as the Santorum campaign recalibrated after finishing a disappointing second in Michigan’s primary.


Yes, I posted this just so I could write that headline.




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