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“You want five; okay I’ll give ya five.”

Note: I love the reaction of his ‘friend’, the other cop.


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“A Better AMERCIA – I’m with Mitt”

Via: Instagram

“The new Romney app”



personal thought:

Aw great, ANOTHER ‘Education President.


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Buddha Dogs

Via: seattle99

I’m crazy about the Thai people for many reasons, not the least of which, is their often devout following of Lord Buddha’s teachings.

Well Bangkok, like all big cities, has got its share of street dogs (soi dogs), but the dogs here are so incredibly mellow. I originally thought it might be a result of the stiffing heat. But then I realized that didn’t make ANY SENSE because they act much different than say the Manila or the Jakarta dogs. I now believe it’s tied directly to how they are treated by the people; i.e. the ‘Buddha thing’.

My fav flea-riddin’ mutt hangs near a Starbucks, and since I’m a ‘Seattle guy’, I often hang near a Starbucks. I figure our meeting, had to be ‘fate’.

Anywhooo, MY dog has a wonderful goofy-ass ‘dawg-grin’ he lays on me every time he sees me. If he could talk, I think he’d say, “Sawadee krup Dude, how ya doin’?”

He VERY PATIENTLY waits for pieces of my almond croissant, and it’s quite easy to see behind the smile, and in the eyes, ‘khup khun krup’.




1. The almond croissant is his preferance, not mine.

2. sawadee krup is hello; in this case, YO

3. khup khun krup is thanks

4. the photo isn’t of MY soi dawg, but ya gotta luv the face, right?




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“Photo of the Day” – TRUMPED!

Romney arriving in Las Vegas for a fund-raiser Donald ‘Bloviating Ignoramus With A Low IQ’ Trump is hosting.


Remember, you can’t spell Romney, without M*O*N*E*Y!


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Euro Exit Would Prompt Greeks To More Than Half Their Income

Via: Huffington Post

An exit from the euro would see Greeks lose more than half their annual income and prompt a dramatic rise in unemployment and inflation, a report from the country’s largest bank has warned.

The National Bank of Greece study was published Tuesday as Greece heads to new general elections on June 17, amid Europe-wide concern of broader financial turmoil if Greece’s place in the single currency is threatened by a victory for an anti-austerity party.

“An exit from the euro would cause a significant drop in the living standards of Greek citizens – with a reduction of at least 55 PERCENT in per capita income,” the authors of the 17-page report wrote.

“This would affect those on a lower income the most, with a significant devaluation of the new currency, by 65 percent, and financial contraction of 22 percent on top of the (GDP) reduction of 14 percent that occurred between 2009 and 2011.”


Read more, HERE:



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Miami – Image Gallery

Via: Shorpy – ‘ALWAYS Something interesting’

“Horse races, Hialeah Park, Miami.”

February, 1939

Marion Post Wolcott for the Farm Security Administration.


See more images of Miami, Florida, HERE:




Via: Virdian’s Postcard Blog



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FLORIDA – Hungry, Dopey Duo Arrested For Pizza Hut Plot

Via: The Smoking Gun

A “large framed” (yeah, no kiddin’) Florida woman and her slighter companion are facing felony charges after the ravenous duo allegedly hatched a harebrained plot to rob a Pizza Hut deliveryman of two large pizzas, 14 chicken wings, and an apple pie.

Hungry and short on cash, Tiffany Jacobs and Alvina Leiba, both 19, last week concocted a plan to score the free grub, which was delivered around midnight to Leiba’s home in Deltona, according to a charging affidavit prepared by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

In interviews with deputies, Jacobs and Leiba said they did not have enough money to pay for the Pizza Hut food, so they “planned on scaring the pizza delivery man into leaving prior to them paying.” Jacobs told cops that Leiba gave her “all black clothing and a mask to wear,” and that she “obtained a wooden bat from the neighbor’s yard to intimidate the pizza delivery man with.”

When Pizza Hut employee Brian Healy, 19, arrived at Leiba’s home, she directed him to put the food down on a table inside the doorway while she searched for extra cash (she was holding only $12). That’s when the 5’ 1”, 200-pound Jacobs–in her ninja getup–emerged from her hiding spot and approached Healy from behind.

Jacobs, who has used the aliasShaccariana Jackson,” told cops that she planned to scare the deliveryman by swinging the bat at a pole near the doorway, but “accidentally” hit him in the side.  Healy told deputies that a “large framed African American female” assailant struck him in the head and left arm with a baseball bat. After wrestling the bat out Jacobs’s hand, he threw it in the yard as Jacobs fled.


After the women were arrested and placed in a holding cell, they “laughed profusely about the situation,” according to the affidavit sword by Deputy Kyle Walter.

Leiba remarked that she “would not pay any fines assigned to her and would flee to Trinidad” and said she was “so hungry she would rob a McDonald’s with Jacobs when they got out of jail.”


Read even MORE crazy-shit, here:



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‘Politizing’ now refers to Obama saying anything

Via: Wonkette

Blah blah Breitbart who cares, we know, but don’t you fancy this headline?

The poor sucker who had to update Breitbart.com on Memorial Day, and knew he had to slam Obama for speaking on Memorial Day somehow, settled on “Obama Politicizes Memorial Day” after Obama said that there shouldn’t be wars unless “absolutely necessary.”

This is what counts as politicization now: saying the same fucking thing every politician has said on Memorial Day every year since forever. PRO TIP: If you are considering making the argument “Politician politicizes X,” just go stick your head in the unflushed toilet for a few minutes instead. You’ll get more out of it.

Here’s the Reuters write-up that led Breitbart.com to conclude that Obama had “politicized” Memorial Day, the existence of which is more of a “politicization” than anything:

“As commander in chief, I can tell you that sending our troops into harm’s way is the most wrenching decision that I have to make,” Obama said shortly after laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

“I can promise you I will never do so unless it is absolutely necessary and that when we do, we must give our troops a clear mission and the full support of a grateful nation.”


Send them into harm’s way and don’t even care about it and do it when it’s not in any way necessary , and then don’t tell the troops what to do and give them zero support of a hateful nation, instead. In other words, Keep America Strong, because that’s the way it’s been done for centuries.



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‘Affordable Care Act’ May Be Helping Improve Insurers’ Notoriously Poor Customer Service

Via: the notorious socialist rag, FORBES

Though the health care overhaul faces an uncertain fate next month before the U.S. Supreme Court, preparations for the massive rollout of its medical care coverage might already be leaving a legacy of improved customer service.

The health insurance industry, often at or near the bottom of a consumer’s customer service experience when compared to other industries, is paying more attention and spending more money on improving how health plans interface with patients on the other end of the telephone, a web site or, lately, though an app.

Several big-name companies, including UnitedHealth Group (UNH), Cigna (CI) and Health Care Service Corp. are seeing gains in customer service ratings. Though health insurance companies still rank at or near the bottom of customer service experiences of most consumers, the Affordable Care Act may be spurring them to get better.


Insurance companies are taking steps to build their relationship with customers as health plans prepare to COMPETE between each other on exchanges where benefit packages will be offered.


Read more, HERE:



Do the right thing, Re-ELECT Obama/Biden!


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