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Thailand – the ‘Land of Smiles’

I literally see dozens of smiles like in the photo, each and every day.

They aren’t all as lovely as this hotel (Shangri-La) employee, but they all seem to resonate from deep in their Thai soul; be they from a monk on his early morning walk to collect his daily alms, or from the old lady at the market selling lottery tickets, or from the school kids piling into the back of the bus.

Some Thai people seem not to know how falangs (foreigners) will react to their smiles.

I have found, if I without hesitation, return their smile; the ‘bounce back smile’ will not only ‘light up the room’, but will ‘light up my heart’.


Chiang Mai, Thailand,  a.k.a. ‘The Land of Smiles’


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  1. I have found this to be completely true. There is a radiance in the people of Thailand, a happiness that shines and an unwavering kindness emanates when they smile.

    Comment by Trini Traveller | June 4, 2012 | Reply

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