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We’re getting Screwed! – No, make that, ‘You’re getting screwed’!


I live in Chiang Mai. Thailand, and the Single Room charge at Chiang Mai Ram Hospital is 900 baht per day ($28 USD).



Q: Yeah, but it’s a shitty 3rd world hospital, right?

A: Actually, it’s a VERY GOOD hospital.


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Pittsburgh – Image Gallery

Via: Shorpy – ‘ALWAYS Something Interesting’

 “Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (vicinity). Montour No. 4 mine of the Pittsburgh Coal Company. Coal miner at end of the day’s work.”

– Novenber, 1942

– John Collier for the Office of War Information


See more images of Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania; HERE:




The United States Office of War Information (OWI) was a U.S. government agency created during World War II to consolidate government information services. It operated from June 1942 until September 1945.

It coordinated the release of war news for domestic use, and, using posters and radio broadcasts, worked to promote patriotism, warned about foreign spies and attempted to recruit women into war work.

The office also established an overseas branch which launched a large scale information and propaganda campaign abroad.


Read more, HERE:



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“Achtung Baby: Germany Is Riskier Than You Think”

Via: Huffington Post

While everybody’s rightly worried about Spain as the next likely victim of the European debt crisis, nobody’s thinking much about Germany. It could be in more trouble than we realize.

That’s the message of a presentation making the rounds Tuesday on Wall Street by Carmel Asset Management, a New York investment firm. Entitled Achtung Baby: Germany Is Riskier Than You Think,” the presentation points out that Germany has been the sponge soaking up Europe’s debt problems for more than two years now — and that it helped finance the debt booms in Greece, Spain and other peripheral European countries that led to the eventual bust. This is all bad news for Germany’s long-term financial health, Carmel warns.

“Periphery debt is now the Federal Republic of Germany’s problem,” Carmel writes in the presentation, which is available in full at the Zero Hedge blog.

Typically when Germany is mentioned in relation to the rest of the eurozone, it is the Debbie Downer who won’t let anybody do anything fun, like stimulate the economy or issue joint European bonds. Its fever for austerity has helped investors think of it as an uber-safe haven. That’s one reason its two-year debt yields recently turned negative: Investors are so desperate for Germany’s perceived safety that they’re willing to actually pay money to let the German government hold their money for safekeeping.

But Germany is not immune, Carmel warns. It is getting punished in four very specific, very awful ways:

– Germany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, has taken on the burden of some of the bad debts of struggling European countries, as a result of being the primary cash source for repeated eurozone bailouts.

– The Bundesbank is also suffering from the bad debts of German private banks that loaned to struggling countries.

– German banks that still have those bad debts on their books are suffering, too.

– Germany’s export-driven economy is taking a hit from the slowdown in trade accompanying Europe’s rolling financial crises and recessions.


Read more, HERE:




personal thought:

I can’t help think, sooner or later, there will be a ‘German Spring’; and the voters will demand their government stop bailing out their Southern neighbors.

Perhaps even a return to the ‘Deutsche Mark’?


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TD Bank Issues Counterfeit Money Without A Refund

Via: Huffington Post

Imagine withdrawing money from a bank and then finding out that the money is counterfeit and cannot be refunded.

That recently happened to William Hagman, 68, of Morris Plains, New Jersey, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reports.

This article has been updated with a comment from Hagman to The Huffington Post.

Hagman withdrew $2,500 from his savings account at TD Bank in February, according to the Star-Ledger. Then he went to Bank of America to deposit the money, only to find out from the teller that one of the $100 bills was counterfeit.

He reported it to the Secret Service and went back to TD Bank to get a refund, but the supervisor said that was against the bank’s policy, since he already had left the bank with the cash.

“I asked why a bank customer, me in this case, should have to serve as this bank’s ‘quality control officer,'” (yup, Mr. Hagman is from Jersey!).

Hagman told The Huffington Post that he now tells friends that withdraw large amounts of money to tell the bank to “scan every single bill because you don’t want counterfeit money in your hand.”

Hagman has withdrawn all $16,000 from his savings account at TD Bank, since “they treated me horribly,” he said.

“I’m very angry because the second bank, within 5 mintues, they used an automated counter and they picked up the bill immediately,” he said. “TD Bank, you mean you don’t have the same technology?”



personal thought:

Many states have ‘lemon laws’ to protect automobile buyers; hell, maybe it needs to be extended to banking.



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CBO Report: Unchanged Tax, Health Policies To Balloon U.S. Debt

Via: Reuters

U.S. public debt would balloon to twice the size of its economy in 25 years if current tax and spending policies are extended, Congress’ budget referee said on Tuesday, delivering fresh fodder for a year-end budget brawl.

The Congressional Budget Office said in a new report that if tax cuts enacted under George W. Bush (SEE PHOTO) are allowed to expire as scheduled on Dec. 31, along with some other tax and spending policies, U.S. public debt would shrink significantly, falling to 53 percent of gross docmestic product by 2037 from 73 percent this year.

By comparison, Greece, debilitated by a crushing debt crisis that may force it to leave the euro, is forecast to have a debt load topping 160 percent of its GDP this year.

The long-term CBO forecasts will help bolster election-year arguments from both Democrats and Republicans in favor of their party’s form of U.S. deficit reduction as the year-end deadline for the tax cuts, automatic spending cuts, and other fiscal decisions draw near.

President Barack Obama’s Democrats have argued that leaving the Bush tax cuts in place, as Republicans have proposed, is fiscally irresponsible, and new revenues are needed by restoring higher tax rates on the wealthy.

Republicans, including presidential candidate MITT ROMNEY, argue that tax rates can be lowered if Congress makes significant cuts in entitlement programs such as the Medicare and Medicaid health care programs for the ELDERLY and POOR.

The CBO report finds, as it has in past years, that the biggest source of growth in federal spending will come from those health care programs. By 2037, if NO HEALTH CARE CHANGES are enacted, federal health care spending would double to around 10 percent of gross domestic product compared to around 5 percent in 2010, it said.

“The aging of the U.S. population and the rising costs for health care mean that the combination of budget policies that worked in the past cannot be maintained in the future,” the CBO said in the report.

Read more, HERE:




personal thought:

Again, we are talking about letting the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy EXPIRE; not new taxes.


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