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“Think of the Children” – Paul Krugman

Via: NY Times

Every time I hear some smug pundit or politician saying that we can’t spend to create jobs because that would be laying too much of a burden on our children, I get angry — because of reports like this:

For this generation of young people, the future looks bleak. Only one in six is working full time. Three out of five live with their parents or other relatives. A large majority — 73 percent — think they need more education to find a successful career, but only half of those say they will definitely enroll in the next few years.


No, they are not the idle youth of Greece or Spain or Egypt. They are the youth of America, the world’s richest country, who do not have college degrees and aren’t getting them anytime soon.

Everything we know says that this generation will never — NEVER — recover from the terrible job market into which it has graduated.

But hey, we can’t do anything about that; we must have austerity, for the sake of the next generation.



Paul Krugman’s Blog – ‘Conscience of a Liberal’



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  1. to be honest i havent heard of a program that directly helps young people get jobs. tuition hikes are largely do to less government subsidy so i could see a point there…

    Comment by Derek | June 10, 2012 | Reply

  2. THANK YOU for your comment.

    You’re right, and that’s the problem.

    The GOP says business is the only thing which will create jobs for the young people; “Would you like fries with that?”

    1. We need to improve our PUBLIC education system, including technical training for those who don’t want to go to colllege.

    2. The government needs to create local, state, and federal jobs. And yes, I know this might raise the deficit, at least in the short-term. But again, we are looking at a lost generation, maybe soon, there will be two

    3. We need U.S. corporations to STOP sending jobs to China and India, and INVEST in your/our country – you bastards!

    I’m now stepping off my soapbox.


    Comment by seattle99 | June 10, 2012 | Reply

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