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the ‘non-apology’ apology – disgraceful!

Via: Think Progress

American Crossroads, the Super PAC run by former Bush adviser Karl Rove personally attacked Commerce Secretary John Bryson Monday morning, following his involvement in three car crashes.

As it turns out, Sec. Bryson had a seizure while at the wheel this weekend, leading to three separate collisions in the space of a few minutes.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, the group suggested that reports of Bryson’s car accidents involved alcohol use.

Bryson was given medication to treat his seizure after Saturday’s events.

ABC news also reports that Bryson’s episode is not totally unprecedented: four years ago, the Secretary passed out during a board meeting and was taken to the hospital.


the ‘non-apology’ apology:

American Crossroads spokesperson Jonathan Collegio apologized to TPM, “The hashtag (about his driving #skills) attempted levity, but it communicated poorly. We took it down,” he said. “I regret the tweet.”




personal thoughts:

– ‘Driving skills’ and ALCOHOL, are NOT THE SAME; ya bastard!

– And YES, I believe Mr. Bryson should stop driving.


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