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Muhammad Ali-‘cat’


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Descent into SEATAC

It seems like whenever I go to Seattle, it’s at the tail end of a series of flights, often involving a redeye. I’m of course happy to get off the lousy plane, but I’m even ‘more happy’ to be home, to ‘my hometown’, Seattle.

I don’t even remember anymore which flight I was on, but I remember the pilot coming on, and saying, “Folks, we are beginning our descent into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, blah, blah-blah-blah, and blah”.

Of course at +30,000 feet, the sky is an incredible, almost ‘take your breath away’ blue; and I know this is incredibly lame, but I couldn’t get this tune out of my head:

“The bluest sky you’ve ever seen, in Seattle.

And the hills the greenest green, in Seattle.

Like a beautiful child Growing up, free and wild.

Full of hopes and full of fears,

Full of laughter, full of tears,

Full of dreams to last a year in Seattle.”


BUT THEN, we began the descent into the clouds, and the ground finally became visible at about five-hundred feet, and the rain of course was streaking off the window like a ‘whacked-out 150-mile per hour car wash’!!

There were a few grumblings (grumble, grumble, grumble) from some of the passengers; but hey I didn’t care because this wasn’t an ordinary rain, this was ‘Seattle Rain’, and I was home, and if felt good, very very good.


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PNW – Pacific Northwest – Image Gallery

Via: The Star Trail Tumblr Blog of Ben Canales


See many more images of the gifted photographer, Ben Canales, HERE:



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“Quote of the Day”



Q: What about the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln; could he be in the Party?

A: Well yes, the party still needs staff: car valet, waiter, bus boy, etc, etc.


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Flint, Michigan – ‘The Most Dangerous City’

‘The Most Dangerous City’

Via: 24/7 Wall St.

> Violent crimes per 1,000: 23.4

> Population: 102,357

> 2011  murders: 52

> Median income: $22,672

> Unemployment rate: 18.9%

According to the FBI examined, no city with more than 100,000 residents had a  higher violent crime rate than Flint. In 2011, there were 2,392 incidents of  violent crime in Flint, which has a population just above 100,000. That same  year, there were just 1,246 violent crimes in all 10 of the safest cities in  America — which have 13 times as many residents as Flint among them.

Flint has  the second-highest murder rate and the highest rates of aggravated assault,  burglary and arson in the nation.

According to Flint Mayor Dayne Walling: “there  are too many guns on the street and it’s easy for individuals with evil motives  to take another human being’s life.” Though the violent crime has long been a  problem in Flint.

In 2010 the city laid off 20 of its 140 police officers, a  decision that diminished both the police’s street presence and response times to  crime.


Read more , here:

The Most Dangerous Cities in America – 24/7 Wall St. http://247wallst.com/2012/06/11/the-most-dangerous-cities-in-america-2/#ixzz1xo9GieYY



quote: “In 2010 the city laid off 20 of its 140 police officers”

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‘Note to Romney – The Federal Government Does Fund Teachers, Firefighters, and Police’



Unfortunately the Republican House, does not.

SAVE FLINT, and other U.S, Cities; by Re-electing Obama/Biden, reclaim the majority in the House, and widen the majority in the Senate.



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Gretchen Carlson Snaps, Storms Off Fox & Friends, Due To Chronic Exposure To Brian Kilmeade

Via: Wonkette

Hahaha, WOMEN.

They are everywhere, just cold waving their boobs and their sideboobs in beady-eyed Fox & Friends cohost Brian Kilmeade’s mean little face. (We are going to assume we are not the only ones who can detect a whiff of Eau de Date Rape wafting in the air around Mr. Kilmeade?)

And he’s always jeering and frat-boying around and he never even sticks a dollar in the Douche Jar!

Well Gretchen Carlson, who has stuck with Fox & Friends since … whenever she started there, had enough of Kilmeade’s patented clever take on ladies and how they’re always [grumble, Trumpy-thing, snitty-thing, sneer], and today her usual inner voices that kick in when she listens to the patented boorishness of Brian Kilmeade –

One night, as he lies sleeping. Icepick, right in his softened skull. She knows seven ways to kill a man. She knows just the point to drive it home

– well today even such lovely silken baubles of daydreams will not soothe her, and there is nothing left to do but storm off set while “laughing” shrilly.

Brian Kilmeade has broken her.

She is broken.

She is broke.


If you have the stomach for it, you can watch the VIDEO, here:



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Washington D.C. – Image Gallery

Via: Shorpy – ALWAYS Something Interesting’

“Mother and child. Alley dwelling area. Washington, D.C.”

July, 1941

– Edwin Rosskam


See more images of Washington D.C., HERE:



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Adelson’s Pro-Romney Donations Will Be ‘Limitless,’ Could Top $100M

Via: Forbes

Forbes has confirmed that billionaire Sheldon Adelson, along with his wife Miriam, has donated $10 million to the leading Super PAC supporting presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney–and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A well-placed source in the Adelson camp with direct knowledge of the casino billionaire’s thinking says that further donations will be “limitless.”

Adelson, who has built Las Vegas Sands into an global casino empire, will do “whatever it takes” to defeat Obama, this source says. And given that Adelson is worth $24.9  billion–and told Forbes in a recent rare interview about his political giving that he had been willing to donate as much as $100 million to his initial presidential preference, Newt Gingrich–that “limitless” description telegraphs potential nine-digit support of Romney.

Adelson, this source continues, believes that “no price is too high” to protect the U.S. from what he sees as Obama’s “socialization” of America, as well as securing the safety of Israel. He added that Adelson, 78, considers this to be the most important election of his lifetime.


Read more, HERE:



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