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Xabi Etcheverry – Image Gallery

Via: Yellowkorner

‘Yuki’ – Most Japanese forenames have a root–also known as Kanji- Chinese. Yuki literally means the origin of hope.

See more images, HERE:

http://en.yellowkorner.com/artistes/35/Xabi Etcheverry.aspx


Xabi Etcheverry was born in Bayonne in 1976. He went on a photography course at the Montreal School of Fine Arts and then worked as a film-set photographer. He went to the Land of the Rising Sun for a short visit and ended up staying there for more than a year. Based in Tokyo, he explored the four corners of the archipelago. His photo album Being 20 in Tokyo was created between September 2002 and June 2004. Etcheverry restricts himself to black and white photography in order to discover a city of extremes and paradoxes between the East and the West, tradition and modernity. Being 20 in Tokyo is learning to live in a more competitive world, being able to show initiative and creativity… the young Tokyoites understand this, and multiply experimentation in all areas – professional, the way they dress and with their bodies… Xabi Etcheverry reveals this gentle rebellion to us in his photographic work. He is currently working on a new piece of work, still about Japan, which confronts the hidden sides of Japanese society. He is also working with the artist Luciano di Concetto on a series of portraits, blending photography and painting.


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