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(2 of 2) Bill O’Reilly Very Concerned About Mitt Romney’s Likeability – Or Lack Thereof

Via: NewsHound (We watch Fox so you don’t have to!)

As Mitt Romney bombed in England, Bill O’Reilly held a chat with John Sununu, a Romney surrogate, about the Republican candidate’s dismal likeability ratings.

Not that they brought up any of his stunning gaffes that led the British press to characterize him as “worse than Sarah Palin.”

No, O’Reilly and Sununu kept their discussion to a recent poll that found:

Romney’s likeability ratings in the tank at THIRTY (30%)

President Obama’s at SIXTY (60%). 

“Independent” (and fair and balanced, too)  O’Reilly acknowledged that that’s a problem for Romney and asked Sununu what could be done.

(too late: once an ass-hole, ALWAYS an ass-hole!)


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  1. That’s hilarious!

    Comment by danielwalldammit | July 31, 2012 | Reply

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