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Rick ‘kiss my ass’ Gorka – is now on sabbatical (yeah, right)

Via: Atlantic Wire

Mitt Romney’s travelling campaign spokesman Rick Gorka will be taking some time away after he got so frustrated at reporters that he exclaimed, “kiss my ass,” and what’s entertaining to us about this sabbatical is that it extends the time “family newspapers” will write about the incident without actually writing about the incident.

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personal thoughts:

1. It’s a pity ‘Romney/Bain Incorporated’ can’t outsource his sorry ass’ to Mumbai. That’s right, the Indians don’t want him!

2. I assume’s Newt’s press guy, Rick ‘literati’ Tyler, might be looking for work.

Perhaps they can hire him.?



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Veterans’ Unemployment Falls To Lowest Level In More Than Three Years

Via: Think Progress

Even as the national unemployment rate ticked up ever so slightly (0.037% – see below) in July, the unemployment rate for veterans fell to its lowest level in more than three years, dropping to 6.9 percent. That figure is the lowest monthly unemployment rate for all veterans since before President Obama took office.

The Obama administration has championed legislation aimed at reducing the unemployment for veterans, including the passage late last year of tax incentives to businesses that hire veterans and signing an executive order to help as many as 126,000 veterans receive certification and training necessary for various manufacturing jobs around the country.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 25,000 of the new jobs added in July were in the manufacturing sector.

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Total Job Numbers for July:

– 163,000 new jobs

“July jobless rate not statistically significant. Unrounded was 8.254%, up from 8.217% in June.”



RE-Elect Obama/BIden!

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