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Mike Rogers (R-MI) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Think Progress

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said on CNN last night that neither he, nor the Iranians, would consider an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities an act of war (really?).

“But there’s also other things under that. I’m not saying that’s — that is the right answer. That is an option that I believe is short of war if it is very selective, very targeted, only to the nuclear program. (perhaps, we could call it, ‘shock and awe’)

And we do know, those — that the Iranians believe that there is a whole panoply of options — war and then these targeted strikes they don’t see as — wouldn’t see as an act of war.”

. . .

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personal thoughts:

1. I think there is no questions, like we would, the Iranians will hit back, hard. They will not only hit Israel and our U.S. bases in the gulf, but they hit and destroy the refinery and shipping facilities in Saudi Arabia.

And you think you pay a lot at the pump now?

Hell, you ain’t seen nothin’!

. . .

2. War With Iran Will ‘Make Iraq And Afghanistan Look Like A Cakewalk’ – Former U.S. Senator from Nebraska, Bob Kerry.

. . .

3. And this MORON is actually the CHAIRMAN of the House Intelligence Committee?

Un-F’n- Believable!


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