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Nov 1 – The Simple Case for saying Obama is the FAVORITE

Via: Nate Silver – NYT

If you are following some of the same people that I do on Twitter, you may have noticed some pushback about our contention that Barack Obama is a favorite (and certainly not a lock) to be re-elected. I haven’t come across too many analyses suggesting that Mitt Romney is the favorite. (There are exceptions.) But there are plenty of people who say that the race is a “tossup.”

What I find confounding about this is that the argument we’re making is exceedingly simple. Here it is:

Obama’s ahead in Ohio.

A somewhat-more-complicated version:

Obama is leading in the polls of Ohio and other states that would suffice for him to win 270 electoral votes, and by a margin that has historically translated into victory a fairly high percentage of the time.

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And the bottom-line numbers:

Electoral Votes:

Obama = 305.3

Romney = 232.7

. . .

Chance of Winning:

Obama = 83.7%

Romney = 16.3%

. . .

Popular Vote (NOT that it matters)

Obama = 50.6%

Romney = 48.4%



‘Inauguration Day II’ – January 20, 2013


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A vote for Jesus, is a vote for Obama – I luv it!

Via: politicsus usa

‘Evangelicals Refuse to Support Romney, Urge Voters to Write In Jesus’

. . .

Internet evangelist Bill Keller is urging the faithful to promise to vote for Jesus for president in this election.

So far, his website, VotingforJesus.com, says it has more than 1.6 million pledges to write in the name of Jesus on their ballots instead of any other presidential candidate.

If even HALF of those who signed the pledge vote accordingly, this could signal real trouble for Mitt Romney in close races by reducing the pool of voters who usually opt for the GOP.

But Keller, in an email interview, argues otherwise. “A large percentage of the people signed up are part of the 9 million self-identified evangelicals who never voted at all in 2008,” he maintains. “While they will write in the name of Jesus for president, they will also vote for men and women who share their faith values down ticket. It is flawed logic that if you don’t vote for Romney, you are costing him votes or helping Obama. The only way to vote for either man is to vote for them.”  (Good Gawd Almighty – Keller is a complete and total, MORON, but I luv it!)

. . .

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1st 45 months – Bush LOST 1,168,000 jobs – Obama CREATED 759,000 jobs

Via: Think Progress

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“I always give a one word answer: ARITHMATIC” – President Clinton


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