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(1 of 2) Creation Museum founder Ken Ham (see photo) insists he is not an ape


Via: Raw Story

Creationist Ken Ham on Wednesday insisted that Homo sapiens were not in the same biological family as apes.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky responded to an atheist who spoke out against his upcoming speaking engagement at the Texas Homeschool Convention.

During the secular podcast “The n0nes” on Tuesday, Lilandra Nelson said that Ham was demonstrably an ape despite his beliefs to the contrary. She advised him to “look in the mirror” and explained that “wisdom teeth” were evolutionary left-overs.

“It’s sad that so many children today are taught they are just animals, as this atheist believes,” Ham wrote in the description of his YouTube video. “If they are just animals and the Bible’s account of creation is not true, then there is no basis for moral absolutes—everyone could do whatever is right in his own eyes (which is happening more and more today).”



personal thought:

I gotta believe there are a lot of relieved apes out there today.


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