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Panama Finds MiG-21 Fighter Jets On North Korean Arms Ship


Via: Huffington Post

Panamanian investigators  unloading the cargo of a seized North Korean ship that carried  arms from Cuba have found the (2) TWO MiG-21 fighter jets the Cuban  government had said were on board, the government said on  Sunday.

Alongside the two supersonic planes, originally produced by  the Soviet Union in the late 1950s, officials found two missile  radar systems on board the Chong Chon Gang, President Ricardo  Martinelli told reporters in the Atlantic port of Colon.

The discovery, which included cables and electrical  equipment, was made inside containers on the ship Panama had  feared might contain explosive material. None was found.

After stopping the vessel bound for North Korea last week,  Panama revealed it had found weapons in the cargo hold late on  Monday. In response, Cuba said the shipment contained a range of  “obsolete” arms being sent to North Korea for repair.

Panama has asked the U.N. Security Council to investigate  the ship and its contents amid suspicion that the vessel is in  breach of a wide-ranging arms embargo on North Korea for its  nuclear and ballistic missile program.

“One can’t take undeclared weapons through the Panama Canal  below other cargo,” Martinelli said, adding that he had not  spoken personally to any Cuban officials since they first asked  for the ship to be released last Saturday.

Javier Caraballo, Panama’s top anti-drugs prosecutor, said  the planes gave off a strong odor of gasoline, indicating that  they had likely been used recently. So far, Panama has not found  anything not on the Cubans’ list of ordnance, he added.

The U.N. team is expected to arrive in early August once  Panama has finished unloading the 155 meter (510 foot) ship.

The weapons were hidden under thousands of sacks of sugar on  the freighter. Before the arms were discovered, Cuba told Panama  the cargo was a donation of sugar for the people of North Korea.

The isolated Asian nation has asked Panama to release the  ship and its 35 member crew, who were arrested and charged with  attempting to smuggle undeclared weapons through the canal.

Panama has so far dismissed North Korea’s requests.

photo: Cuban Mig-21.




“I know Nothing! Nothing!”

– Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un


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