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the ‘teabagger’ and ‘Al Queda’ Alliance



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Humphrey Bogart


Bogart, a heavy smoker and drinker, developed cancer of the esophagus. He almost never spoke of his failing health and refused to see a doctor until January 1956. A diagnosis was made several weeks later and by then removal of his esophagus, two lymph nodes, and a rib on March 1, 1956, was too late to halt the disease, even with chemotherapy. He underwent corrective surgery in November 1956 after the cancer had spread.

Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy visited him at this time. Frank Sinatra was also a frequent visitor.

With time, Bogart grew too weak to walk up and down stairs. He valiantly fought the pain and joked about his immobility: “Put me in the dumbwaiter and I’ll ride down to the first floor in style.” The dumbwaiter was then altered to accommodate his wheelchair.

In an interview, Hepburn described the last time she and Spencer Tracy saw Bogart (the night before he died):

Spence patted him on the shoulder and said, “Goodnight, Bogie.” Bogie turned his eyes to Spence very quietly and with a sweet smile covered Spence’s hand with his own and said, “Goodbye, Spence.” 



It’s simple really:

If you smoke, STOP. 

If you don’t smoke, DON’T START.


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‘The Triumph of the Ratfuckers’ (See Photo) – by Charles P. Pierce


As the Reign Of The Morons enters its third day, let us pause for a moment to pay tribute to a political visionary whose entire  career presaged the current moment, anticipating the essential dynamic in play  in Washington right now in all of its petulant, kindergartenish glory.

Let us  raise a morning glass to Donald Segretti, the ratfucker.

(As any student of Watergate knows, “ratfucking” was the word used by  Segretti and a number of other officials in the Nixon White House for the dirty  tricks they ran in student elections when they all were at the University of  Southern California. Segretti — as well as his pal, Dwight Chapin — simply  transferred these techniques to our national elections.)


The first  is that political sabotage for its own sake is a worthy enough goal. There  doesn’t necessarily have to be an obvious purpose or obvious logic behind it.

Everything is simply tactics. Those tactics either work or they don’t.

To  believe this, of course, one must first believe that all politics is a  essentially a zero-sum game of power; you win and the other guy loses. Who  rules? Period.

One cannot for a moment contemplate the notion that politics —  and therefore, government — has anything to do with the public good.

I trust I  don’t have to spell out the parallels between this elemental basis of ratfucking  and what the Republicans are about in their current campaign of vandalism. This  has now entered a time in which we are seeing sabotage for sabotage’s own sake.

Remember, the conservative rump faction has brought this shutdown upon the  country because its members refuse to agree to a federal budget that contains  lower discretionary spending than even Paul Ryan contemplated.

That’s because  now — as Congressman Marlin Stutzman pointed out clearly yesterday — this  isn’t about the budget, or even about economics, it’s about who wins and who  loses. It’s about whether or not John Boehner, the castrato Speaker Of The  House, can keep his job.

The public, as was said during our previous Gilded Age,  be damned.


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Lee Terry (R-NE) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Keystone XL pipeline

Via: Huffington Post

Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) said this week that there is no way he’s giving up his salary during the government shutdown.

“Dang straight,” he said when asked by the Omaha World-Herald Bureau whether he would keep his paycheck.

Whatever gets them good press,” Terry said of members giving up their salary. “That’s all that it’s going to be. God bless them.

But you know what?

I’ve got a nice house and a kid in college, and I’ll tell you WE cannot handle it.

Giving our paycheck away when you still worked and earned it? That’s just not going to fly.”



Bonus ‘MORON of the Day’

Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) also said on Wednesday that he would be keeping his salary, because he’s “working to earn” it and even came in on the weekend. (Holy krap, the weekend!)



personal thought:

If this drags on much longer, it’s only a matter of time before we hear some of the 800,000 are about to lose their house. Yeah, I know, if they had only ‘worked harded’.




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“Quote of the Day”


The thing is, he’s not JUST talking about the Affordable Care Act, he also means Medicare.


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