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The Shadow of Mt. Rainier


Via: Good Shit

All objects, big or small, cast shadows and so do mountains. However, one particular peak displays a peculiar behavior – it cast shadows not on the ground, but up in the clouds.

How does that happen?

– Mount Rainier is a massive volcanic peak located 87 km southeast of Seattle in the state of Washington, United States, that climbs to a height of 4,392 meters. There are no other mountains anywhere near that height in the surroundings, so it is topographically the most prominent mountain in the entire United States.

On clear days the peak dominates the southeastern horizon and can be seen from as far away as Portland, Oregon and Victoria, British Columbia.

But on a cloudy morning, when the cloud heights are just right, the rising sun can catch the peak from below and cast a long shadow on the underside of the cloud.



Seeing this shadow, I can’t help thinking about ‘Mt. Saint Helens/Spirit Lake’


And of course, Harry Tuman.



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Pat Oliphant


See more Oliphant cartoons, HERE:



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Natalia Rak – Street Art


Via: Amusing Planet

Natalia Rak is one of the most exciting painters and street artists to emerge in Poland’s contemporary art scene. Born in 1986, Natalia received a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Lodz, Poland, specializing in graphic arts. A couple of years ago Rak started getting into street art murals, doing larger than life portraits with many taking up the entire sides of buildings.

See more of her art, HERE:



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Tim Giardina – ‘Three Star Admiral MORON of the Day’


Via: Raw Story

The deputy commander of US nuclear forces has been fired from his post after being investigated for allegedly using COUNTERFEIT CHIPS at a CASINO, officers said.

The move was highly unusual against such a senior officer in US Strategic Command, which oversees the country’s nuclear-armed missiles, submarines and bombers. (So what are you saying, there are other senior officers using COUNTERFEIT CHIPS? – Gawd, help us!)



personal  thought:

Giardina is so DAMN DUMB, I fully expect he be will the next Fox News ‘military analyst’.


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Note: I don’t believe ALL Republicans have their head up the ass; but certainly the GOP Members of Congress and their teabagger supporters do.

END the Shutdown, and stop holding the country hostage!


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