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‘Teabagger Party’



Keep in mind,this is the BEST they got!


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Erotica – Image Gallery

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Why Asians Are Deserting The GOP


Via: Think Progress

Asian-Americans have been moving steadily toward the Democrats and away from the GOP.

In 2012, Asians supported Obama by a staggering 73-26, compared to 62-35 in 2008. This is a remarkable trajectory for a group that, back in 1992, supported George H.W. Bush over Bill Clinton by a strong 54-30 margin.

In every election since then, Asians have increased their support for the Democratic candidate, including elections like 2004 where most other groups, even progressive ones, were going in the opposite direction.


Why is this?

One reason is the GOP’s dreadful record on immigration, an issue of considerable importance to the Asian-American community.

Another is that Asian-Americans are a strongly pro-government constituency.

In a massive Pew study of Asians, released last year, Asians endorsed a bigger government providing more services over a smaller government providing fewer services by 55-36. That’s a sharp contrast with the public as a whole, who endorsed smaller over larger government by 52-39.

A new poll from CAP and PolicyLink provides another reason why this group would find today’s GOP unpalatable: Asians are the most enthusiastic and unafraid supporters of America’s rising diversity.

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personal thought:

So the GOP has lost, or losing:

– Asians

– Hispanics

– Smart people

– Women

– African-Americans


– youth


So who does the GOP have left?


Oh yeah, ‘Angry Old White Men’


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