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Pattaya – American suspected of shoplifting Goat Cheese (See Photo) from Supermarket


Via: Pattaya One

An American National, born in the Czech Republic, was arrested for the second time during his reported 15 year stay in Thailand, late on Tuesday Night, accused of stealing a 210 Baht packet of Goat Cheese from a North Pattaya Supermarket.

Police were called to the Best Supermarket by its owner, Khun Siriporn aged 65, after security guards had detained Mr. Frank Joseph Janalik aged 74 after he was seen by the guards attempting to leave with the Goat Cheese without making any effort to pay for the item. Security Camera footage of the alleged theft was also given to Police.

Khun Siriporn claimed Mr. Janalik had been coming to the Supermarket for a long time and she suspected he had been shoplifting on many occasions but he had yet to be caught-in-the-act. On this occasion she spotted the man and ordered her Security Guards to follow him.

At Pattaya Police Station Mr. Janalik claimed he has lived in Pattaya for 15 years. Police records indicated he had been arrested in February 2008 on charges of selling sex enhanc ement medication (that’s right, goat cheese + Viagra).

Mr. Janalik denied allegations of theft but was charged with the offence and was taken to the holding cells on the second floor of Pattaya Police Station.

He suddenly became combative and refused to enter the prison cell block. It took a number of officers to subdue the suspect and take him into the cells where he will be held pending further investigations.




personal thought:

If you don’t have enough money (210baht = $6.56USD) to buy goat cheese; do us all a favor, and stay the f*ck home!


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