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McDonald’s Tells Workers To Take Vacations Many Can’t Afford

Via: Huffinton Post

McDonald’s is encouraging its workers to take time off to stay healthy, even as many of them can’t afford to take that advice.

The fast food giant’s personal wellness website, called the McResource Line, is now offering workers guidance on how to eat healthy, manage stress and get enough sleep. “Don’t let the distraction of your money worries prevent you from getting regular exercise, eating healthy and getting enough sleep,” the website says. The site also offers dieting advice — telling workers to break their food into small pieces to eat less and stay full — that could appear insensitive to a low-paid workforce that sometimes relies on food stamps.


Some of the tips on the McResource website could be “taken out of context,” but the site as whole was intended to be an employee resource., Marie Antoinette, director of U.S. media relations for McDonald’s, wrote in an email to HuffPost.


Jeanette Lynn, a 26-year-old McDonald’s worker in Durham, N.C., told The Huffington Post that she has worked for a franchise for two years and gets no paid vacation, holidays or sick days. Working less than 20 hours a week for $7.25 an hour, Lynn has NEVER gotten a raise and has a hard time supporting her three sons on fast food wages

“We make $7.25 an hour,” Lynn said. “Why in the world would we take vacation if we already aren’t getting paid enough?” Lynn said she recently had her hours cut and is planning to apply for public assistance to supplement her income.



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