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GUEST: “We need four tickets to see Titanic. Tomorrow.”

Via: How May We Hate You?


(Four German guests angrily approach concierge desk at hotel in Waikiki.)


GUEST: We need four tickets to see Titanic. Tomorrow.

CONCIERGE: I’m sorry sir, but I don’t believe the Titanic is showing at our theaters now.


GUEST: NO! You are concierge. We want to see REAL Titanic.


CONCIERGE: (in state of utter confusion) Sir, are you thinking of Pearl Harbor? If so, I would be more than happy to talk to you about tour options, but I’m afraid the Titanic is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and there are not tours that go there anyway.


GUEST: Our friend went to Titanic when they were in Honolulu, now you tell me that I can’t see Titanic?


CONCIERGE: Again sir, I’m sorry, but the Titanic is not in Hawaii. You were actually a lot closer to it in Germany than you are here.


GUEST: Fine. We go to Pearl Harbor then. Tomorrow for four. What is Pearl Harbor?




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