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#25 – All-Pro Cornerback Richard Sherman – Seattle Seahawks



Via: Field Gulls

“Defending Richard Sherman”

In all my years of loving this  team, I have never seen a player like #25.

He’s arguably the game’s  best cornerback and he will be the first, second, and third person to  let you know about it.

To play cornerback, you have to have attitude  and arrogance and he lacks neither.  He’s brash.  He’s cocky.  He’s  loosely-lipped and he’s not afraid to speak his mind.  He’s all these  different components mixed together and put in a blender—and for most of  you, the final concoction is sour.  He is also very easy to  dislike—unless, of course, you’re a Seahawks fan.  He talks a lot—maybe a  bit too much for my liking—but one thing that you won’t find anyone say  is that the man’s elite-level of play on the field fails to back up his  mouth.  He strives in living in the minds of his opponents.

For him,  the mental side of the game is every bit as important—if not more  so—than the physical part.

He’s a man with an enormous chip on his  shoulder, going back to his Stanford days with Jim Harbaugh.   He’s also a very smart guy—born in Compton, educated at Stanford.   He’s likely seen both feast and famine in his life, and his  intelligence, coupled with probably a very real Compton-earned street  education, makes him a different kind of guy and a lot of fans across  the country can’t handle it.



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