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Mike Huckabee (See Photo) – “Quote of the Day”

Via: Huffington Post


“And eff’n the Democrats be hankerin’ t’ insult th’ wimmen of America by making ’em believe that they is he’pless wifout Uncle Sugar  a-comin’ in and providin’ fo’ them a free prexscriptshun etch month for birth control, on account u’ they kinnot control their libido (translation: sex drive) o’ their reproduckive system wifout th’ he’p of the govment, well so be it



“well so be it” – Vote BLUE in 2014 and 2016!



The 2012 GOP Clown Car.


In 2016 it’ll be: Huckabee, Rick ‘Frothy’ Santorum, Ayn Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Trump, >>>

Hell, they’ll need a clown bus!


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