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The ‘Storm is Coming’


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Scott Walker (R-WI) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’


In April 2010, Scott Walker and his staff realized they had a potential problem on their hands that would require them to quietly fire a woman who appeared to be completely competent at her job.

The issue was that she had what they perceived to be a “checkered” past: She used to be a thong model.

The revelation was contained in an email exchange between Walker, who was then Milwaukee county executive and is now Wisconsin’s Republican governor, and Thomas Nardelli, who at the time was his chief of staff. On Wednesday, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals released more than 27,000 (TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND!) pages of documents that were part of the now-closed secret “John Doe” investigation into Walker’s time as county executive.

So far, SIX of his former aides and associates have been CONVICTED in connection with the case.


Walker learned about the problematic former thong model on April 5, 2010, when Nardelli emailed him about a woman who was hired as a doctor at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, which provides treatment for mental illness, substance use disorders and intellectual disabilities.

Nardelli said that the medical director had “failed to Google or MySpace” her, and it was “recently discovered that she has a checkered past and has done some modeling work.”

“It isn’t pornographic,” wrote Nardelli, “but it is quite suggestive (I’m told – I don’t know her name). He [sic] apparently models thongs and wasn’t forthright in sharing that with staff prior to her hire as an hourly paid MD at [Behavioral Health Division].”

He added that Behavioral Health Division leadership was looking at how to “release her without much fanfare” because John Chianelli, who was then the director of the division, was “concerned about having her on staff and subsequently having her Googled by staff only to learn of her ‘other life’ out side of her medical work. Apparently she’s competent, but even the Medical Director is dismayed that she has a varied life style outside of her medical profession.”

In response, Walker replied, “Get rid of the MD asap.”



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